How Entrepreneurs Behave In A Public Field

Im not a supporter of the public behavior of a startup in the early stages of development. The team need to develop a product, and it is not yet time to tell about themselves to the wider public. If public activity is not directly related to promotion of the product, I do not see any sense in it for business. So, this activity distracts from the main.

As for public disputes, and even more scandals, I think that these people are doing, rather distant from entrepreneurship and success. Its one thing to behave like Artemy Lebedev or Oleg Tinkov, when already possess the relevant media status, has achieved success and is part of a well thought out media strategy. Its quite another when its a startup. However, the shares of “Bank” I didnt buy it and dont plan to buy.

Yes, it certainly does. But this does not mean that people should not publicly Express their point of view or engage in debate, share problems. I believe that each founder is the main driving force of the project. He must be the leader, must believe in success, and most importantly — to charge this faith the entire team. And behavior in social networks allows to draw conclusions about personality.

As for the star sickness and scandals in social networks, such experience was not. But I am for open statements, each is simply obliged to Express their point of view, the controversy is an important part of brainstorming. At the same time, I am sure that the public accusations, scandals will never lead to a positive result. For himself does not think this is acceptable and is not ready to support such.

To Express their point of view — Yes. It is always better to meet and try to hear each other, because it is a business, there can be nothing personal. The investor and the entrepreneur must be both “Yin” and “Yang”. Then the investment may be even more successful.

We, as investors, as entrepreneurs, looking for quality not we ourselves. Quality that with a given product in a given market will allow you to build a very successful company. Among these qualities, I would highlight the ability to make trouble on social networks. We are always prepared to help in several areas.

In public space we always recommend to our partners to be restrained, not overly bulging his “I”, and focus on the good qualities of the company and product. In the end, success is always team work, rarely separate genius personality. Geniuses are few and they, as usual, much is forgiven. We have a vivid example of smart-money-Fund.

For us professionalism, which includes understanding of corporate ethics, not an empty word. Misunderstandings and disputes are normal, this is a common working situation for ambitious and motivated people, but to solve them still it is necessary not in the public field. In addition to a professional attitude to business, reputation is important for entrepreneur. If we know that in the past he has attempted to deceive investors, we wont deal with him.

Reputation is important for the investor. It can both help and complicate relations with interesting companies. The analysis of the public behavior of the founders, along with feedback and recommendations from partners, colleagues and employees, is part of our standard review when considering companies for investment. This behavior can affect decision making both positively and negatively.

We choose a partner that will several years to raise the company side by side. If public opinion forms a portrait of the founder as a leader, expert and positive person, able to defend their point of view is definitely a plus. Offensive remarks, unfounded accusations towards others, especially partners, current investors and customers, the imposition of “dirty linen” is likely to be a negative factor. Fortunately, incidents with the star disease of the founders on our experience wasnt.

The Fund as a “money smart” helps entrepreneurs to shape strategy in a public field. Of course, no one is immune from internal disagreements, but we try to solve such cases within and certainly not to sort things out publicly. Its just unprofessional. The scandals, intrigues, investigation, leave Internet trolls who use these PR tools to conquer a specific target audience.

This has little to do with investment opportunities and is unlikely to be the beginning of a good relationship. Debate is possible and even encouraged, because in a dispute born truth, but only if the purpose is search of the truth.

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