How It Will Look In The Transport System Hyperloop €? The Hyperloop Concept One Road In Dubai

Business Insider has drawn attention to videoconcert the modern transport system of the future Hyperloop Hyperloop from One, which the company plans to sell in Dubai. In November 2016, the Hyperloop One company announced a partner agreement with the authorities of Dubai. Management plans to link the transport system Hyperloop Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

In the framework of the announcement, the company also introduced the concept of the road Hyperloop — the developers, the capsule, it will travel at a speed of about 1125 kilometers per hour and the total journey time is 12 minutes. Passengers from the United Arab Emirates will have access to the application with which they will be able to know how to get to the desired point. This app will take into account the schedule of flights Hyperloop.

If the user selects the option Hyperloop, the app will explain how to get to the right gate and details all the steps of the upcoming trip: The user will select the type of capsule for movement. It is assumed that passengers will have access to various types of capsules.

For example, for one or more people for business meetings, lectures or for leisure. Capsule to get passengers into the system Hyperloop. According to the creators, on the route Dubai — Abu Dhabi will work 120 capsules, which can carry more than 8,500 passengers per hour.

Capsules for passengers will be located in the capsules more — of four pieces each. Each capsule three internal are intended for the carriage of passengers and one for cargo. Head of engineering and One Hyperloop Josh Hegel believes that in the future transport like the Hyperloop would be so common that urban residents will enjoy them along with the metro.

After the capsule with the passengers to leave the tube the Hyperloop, they on ordinary roads will go to places where you want to get users. It will look like stop Hyperloop One in the skyscraper “Burj Khalifa” in Dubai:

The concept of a Hyperloop transport system One in Dubai: The movement of capsules will see experts in the control center. As noted by Business Insider, the first Hyperloop One focused on freight transport, but in February 2017, announced that it will carry and passengers.

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