How Much Is Website Development And What Is Included In This Price

All who set themselves the task of developing the site, was faced with a very interesting pricing on these services. The first consideration of proposals one conclusion. In this market all the crazy. The same task can evaluate in the range from 30 thousand to 1.5 million rubles.

To an outsider it is difficult to understand what is the difference. Managers to sell your offer, give absurd examples about the differences between the seventh model “the Zhiguli and BMW seven series, but no one is really trying to justify the price. Try to figure out how much should actually cost website. Lets start with the fact that any web development is a business which is primarily operating for profit, and in the second and the third for everything else.

I dont believe in fanatics in their field, who live solely by the desire to make cool products. Products to be great, only when the contractor is comfortable to do them. He should be equipped workplace, a good computer, a dedicated Internet access with good speed and a lot of little things, and it all falls out of the air and sold for money. Lets imagine that we have a task to develop a web site consisting of 14 standard pages.

It should be user friendly admin panel for content management, and it needs to be done in compliance with all of the basic rules of search engine optimization. Now imagine a team of this project with the average salaries for 2016. So, over a competent website should work at least seven people. Lets imagine, how much work time should each employee spend on the project.

This calculation is a utopia that has nothing to do with life. In reality, all the experts can spend much more time considering different coordination and whims of the customer. But we do not aim to calculate the precise cost, so now lets figure out how much money the owner of the web Studio have to pay a hired worker for this site. We proceed from the fact that in the month of 21 working days.

So, only the salary Fund is 59.2 per thousand. Lets not forget that we work in the Russian Federation every business owner must make contributions to the funds on the salaries of employees. Now deductions, 30.2 per cent. We will increase our result by this amount.

A new cost — 77,1 thousand rubles. Remember that employees should work in good light indoors on decent hardware and have an Internet connection. In our company costs on office maintenance and equipment depreciation amount to 120 thousand rubles per month. Given that one team of professionals can do four projects in a month and we have these two links now, to the cost of the project will add another 15 thousand. The cost of taking into account office costs — 92,1 thousand rubles.

What company exists without the involvement orders. Advertising is also a cost that should be put in the cost of the project. Yes, you can use only free methods of promotion — not going to argue about this. Average market cost per customer, who will order site development — 2500 rubles. In the best case, it fires only on every second request.

We will add 5000 rubles. The cost of taking into account the involvement of advertising with 97.1 thousand rubles. We did not take into account a couple of factors that does not fundamentally affect the cost, — we assume that they are embedded in the companys profit. Yes, you are working with a company and she, like you, aim to make a profit.

Imagine that we have a modest founders, who receive from the project 25%. The final rounded value of our hypothetical site — 125 thousand roubles. Do you think weve covered everything. Remained a controversial issue associated with the tax burden.

Optimistic imagine that this part is also included in the profits of the company. We got the cost of an average commercial website. This is not an online store and not some complicated project, but an ordinary company site, is able to move on thematic queries.

Now lets get the price offer of the market. Select the seven ranges of cost and view how many players working in each of them. We consider exclusively the Moscow market, since the cost was calculated by the Moscow salaries and the rental cost. The picture is quite clear. Most studios in the formation of the pricing policy was guided approximately by the same approaches that we.

This proves that our calculations are justified not only logically, but also practically. Now lets talk about price ranges and products that develop in each of them. The most dangerous range. This is the Studio that creates websites only with the involvement of outsourcers and freelancers. These companies are usually not very value our reputation and will not suffer if we will quarrel with the customer.

For them, its pretty common and they know how to live and work. I would not want all the dub are the same patterns — I am sure that in this range it is possible to order normal website. But this is hardly a good way for those who first encounters with web development. You will maximally save. To save on planning, on communicating with you on a good good equipment.

If I were a customer site, I would very much like personal relationships, civility and minimal use of my intelligence. Here settled down young and very promising digital team”. The probability of obtaining a normal product is higher, and the service will be at a sufficient level. Of course, it is unlikely that the team will remember that a website does not end with the web interface and the admin panel is a standard developed at one of the free CMS.

Complexity in this price range can be diverse, but in General is solved. First, a young team will try to “prozhat” you for more work on the website, for which, of course, have to pay. Secondly, to communicate you are more likely to be on the phone than in person. People who are dumping to save on office.

Most likely, there will be not cozy negotiating, tea and other pleasures. Those who first encountered the web development, I recommend a very careful approach to the choice of the Studio, if you decide to do a site in this price segment. Ask for a portfolio, arrange a few meetings, ask for a good quotation and presentation services company. And, most importantly, be prepared to participate directly in your project. This range for very self-confident entrepreneurs.

We finally get to those who really looks at things. Usually, at this price, you can obtain the optimum level of service and quality of work. At this price studios treat their work more as professional Cabinet makers, than as artists. The words “beautiful”, “expensive”, “gradient” and “flowers” are not perceived.

The Studio segment of this work, based on the words “quality”, “trends”, “efficiency”, “convenience”. I dont recommend anyone to ask for help to the studios in this price range. The first is the art lovers and just beautiful, broadcasting their worldview on the website. If you want a beautiful website with an original design concept and cool bells and whistles — you to those who make websites from 700 thousand rubles.

Want a website with a short payback period and at a fair price — you are welcome. Here firmly established old companies with a permanent money circulation. They were unable to break through the “atmosphere”, but it is not necessary. These companies normal profitability, they feel confident in the market. Create good, quality products — but, as a rule, do it so long that can bore even the most patient.

Here we have started a bit of a walk to the area, especially in the conditions of crisis. In this price segment are organizations that perform government contracts and other projects where it is not customary to consider the effectiveness of the. The company is proposing the development of a site in this price range, be sure to ask the customer for a Cup of tea or coffee to your office.

There will be extremely good-natured and peaceful atmosphere. The Manager will dance in front of the client on their hind legs, and the door to the principals office will be open almost always. Who are these aliens. It seems that this exorbitant amount, isnt it.

I had the opportunity to participate in the development of the website consisted of three pages and a cost of 900 thousand rubles. The customer was very large commercial brand, and performer — cool advertising Agency. The customer asked the Agency to make a web site under one of the events (by the way, imposed on him by the same advertisers). The Agency, without thinking, announced the price, and the customer, without thinking, signed. But the whole point of the situation is that the Agency was not a single professional web designer nor a developer.

What to do for the Agency. They just ordered this from the website of the contractor that works in the real price segment, leaving the difference on their current account. The circle is closed.

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