How Streaming Broadcast In The New Year Helped NTV And “Classmates” To Collect In The Ether More Than 2 Million Views

NTV and the social network “Odnoklassniki” has launched a joint project “Live New year”, inviting users to show how they celebrate the holiday. Using the app OK Live people can create their own feed by marking it with the hashtag #Givology. Best caught in live TV.

New year live on TV lasted 7.5 hours and was shown live on the social network. According to the head of the Internet edition of NTV Andreys Class, the TV channel often works with user broadcast and broadcast your own video via streaming services. “In formulating the idea, we relied on known mechanics and a familiar scenario for the streamer. But we had one concern.

It was the fact that live could be large delay of the signal when communicating with the audience leading. However, we found a scenario where the delay was almost imperceptible,” he says. To implement the format developers Live OK had to modify some features of the app and its web page is:

A special project was promoted on the site OK at the expense of video formats. Video showcases and web apps OK Live. In addition, representatives of the social network has prepared a special theme for the official group application and design of the 404 page. On NTV a few weeks before the new year, the project was announced in the programs of the channel.

New years eve from the Studio of NTV worked as a technical specialist OK, and the editors of the channel, which in real time selects the best stream and output them on the screen of the Studio. With the selected characters spoke hosts of the show. All this was shown live on TV and in the “Classmates”. “Christmas nights” we have had a few.

The country is big, and live shows was for each of our orbits. So we have started at 15:30 Moscow time and 17:00 met New year together with Vladivostok. And this was repeated several times in each time zone of our great country. A feature of the broadcast was that the locals, for example, could congratulate and Muscovite, and the new Yorker and everything is instantly displayed live.

The program “Live New year” on NTV was watched by more than 2.3 million users in the “Classmates”. Coverage of the groups NTV in OK has increased by 845 thousand, and the ratio of involvement (the ratio of the reaction of users and number of users) reached 6.4. During the live app OK Live has been downloaded over 13 thousand times. The total number of online broadcasts made using the application on the eve of the holiday, increased 4 times, and the number of concurrent streams increased in 2 times.

Broadcast users have got a coverage of 2.7 million views. The social network received a growing number of installations of the application and its use, the TV interaction with the new audiences and intensive involvement of users, as well as growth hits broadcast on the Internet. For social sharing new year special project is not the first experience of the format of the video using the app OK Live.

In July 2016, “Odnoklassniki” has launched a pinpoint targeting on the participants of the festival Alfa Future People, prompting them to start their own video. Coverage for the week reached 2.1 million people, and the official group of the festival has grown from three thousand to 53 thousand.

The social network also worked with the air of Federal TV channels. May 9, 2016 “Odnoklassniki” has launched the broadcast of the parade from 14 cities of Russia. During this time, the main page of “OK” has been viewed no less than 78 million times, at the same time the broadcast was watched by 1.5 million people.

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