How To Build A Team That Will Raise A Startup €? A Personal Experience Serpstat

The correct interpretation of the startup team and is the starting point. It is impossible to be guided by the advice agencies to hire people in a startup by their rules. This is fundamentally different people, and heres why. Team in a startup is always unpredictability and chaotic growth of this team, when “yesterday – there are no vacancies today – burns”. This lack of a clear corporate culture, as large and established businesses.

In these circumstances, from the team depends on almost everything. That is true if you put together the backbone of a startup depends entirely on the further development of the company. A startup is flexibility, this is an opportunity to be heard and to realize their ideas, this total lack of bureaucracy and welcome initiatives by the employees. The business is a clear and established process, pay off a product that the recruitment and dismissal.

And no randomness. As it was in the beginning, when we were still called Prodvigator. All did everything they were universal characters. And sold, and worked on marketing and supportive.

This is a bold, flexible, proactive and easily enrolled people. Those who see the development of a startup, want to develop themselves and able to achieve your goals. I, as the head of marketing, anyway, what kind of education the person in front of me, does he have a diploma. In my Department most importantly, he was able to achieve goals and easily trained.

When I sobeseduyut employee, it looks like this: €?– What are you into?. €? I do sports, athletics. Oh, cool, tell me what successes you have achieved this?. €? I have a medal in the race Hutsul Trail, my personal record is 21 km in 2 hours.

€? Super, it might suit us, – slips in thinking.”. Among the personal goals can be anything, even cross-stitch with a personal record. It is important that people know how to achieve this in everyday life. Then he can easily cope with the tasks at work. Another point.

With the person should be comfortable. If a little uncomfortable, say “no”to people. Although I never said) So it turns out that the team Serpstat everything in its place. Everyone understands what needs to be done to develop the product. Team Serpstat in the laser club “the hunter”.

Shoot. Definitely, Yes. In addition to the above, new people have to come to “family values” startup. Be like-minded people.

Define this at the interview stage. Do not judge a candidate only on technical skills – this is a fatal mistake for a startup. The team needs to burn the same idea. These are the people are cool, and to educate and improve the specialist can always. If you start to build a team only on the skills of the candidates, you will not have the necessary climate for the development of.

A good salary is always a motivation. But not always the most priority for human. Many people leave large companies and go to small startups with less financial motivation. Why.

Because a startup is a limitless opportunity for growth, and rapid growth. In a large company takes years to grow to the head of Department/project. In a startup this can happen for a few months, as it happened to us. Alternatively, divide the shares of the company among the top five. Its a great motivation for work, as increasing product will grow their earnings.

But most importantly – they must love the product. If people are only interested in money, this man is not suited to the team. Its enough to understand the real motivation of a particular person, loyalty to the idea of the project. Often the candidate not only doesnt read on startup, but does not read a brief job description.

Just served for the vacancy, the name of which is considered suitable. It is clear that such person generally will not burn the idea, and then many processes will be delayed that is deadly for a startup. As I wrote above, new people have to come to “family values” startup. Be like-minded people.

This is evident in the first discussion. Remove relations “Director-subordinate” – is a thing of the past. In Serpstat the average age of team 24 years, and Directors-heads of approximately the same age so we call each other “you” and nicks is another feature that unites the team. Become family. Hang out together after work, organize team-building weekends, attend conferences together, sports competitions and so on.

In Serpstat every day at lunch we play UNO – its fun and brings. Mipsy (Lena) and Melkaya (Ira) at the Odessa velocette 2017. Make it clear to the team that every person plays a key role in the development of the product, and no one of them can go wrong. We have 45 employees from programmers to administrative coordinator, and each is significant for a startup and affects the development of the product. Public Finance statistics.

This is extremely important for startups, because employees see how their work affects the development of the product. Every person in Serpstat can see daily earnings and expenses of the company, as it is new users. This kind of motivation has introduced our new CEO in 2016 – Artem Borodaty. As soon as he joined the team, immediately set the course of development – $ 1 million net revenue per year (1 million ARR). Then opened all employees access to the admin area and said.

€?You know our purpose and see our growth, let us work and earn more”. The second important point. The considered system of motivation, which determines the salary. Run from the concept of “employee rate” is another relic of the past.

Implement a system of incentives and pay money depending on key indicators of performance at the end of the month (KPI). In Serpstat rate below the market, but we do not have any employee on a bare rate. Everyone gets bonuses for KPI motivation system. As he worked, this RFP and will receive. This approach sets the pace for the formation of moving forward and up startup, as the companys revenues are entirely dependent on each employee in the team.

Thanks to such things we have a constant growth. It supports the morale of the team. First the team must enter. Team development and team support, then the marketing team. The first 5-7 employees should be generalists.

To be able to sell and supportit, and marketing. In Serpstat everything was just so :) Subsequently, these people headed the divisions. Dont look for employees, look for people in the family. How does our HR Sawyer (Lena). €?Command in a startup you need to dial exactly the same as for a husband/wife to understand their needs and find someone who will be able to meet them”.

In Serpstat works team, but a real family. And this is the main key of success.

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