How To Create And Promote Content Startups

Content marketing is the creation and dissemination of useful information for interaction with a potential customer and gaining his trust. Content marketing includes many components. Corporate blogging, research, social media posts, email marketing campaigns, videos, webinars, images. As you can see from the graph, social networking and email campaigns are the most effective tactics.

The cost of content marketing are 62% less than other types of advertising, this generates three times more leads. According to a study by Content Marketing Institute.

What is so profitable content marketing startups and what goals helps to achieve, lets talk in details. The potential client need to tell about your advantages over your competitors. It is therefore important to create a content that will form an opinion about you as a leader and expert in your field.

Selling blog posts are less popular than stories about how using your product or service solved a specific problem of consumers. Valuable content always concentrates on customers needs, thereby causing them to trust. Content marketing is an alternative advertising on TV or in print publications.

Besides, most of the content remains forever and does not require further investments. The distribution of content has no borders, it will be available to users from all over the world. Thanks to this feature business can grow far beyond its region and to reach both local and distant potential customers.

There are different types of content – the number is limited except by your imagination. The portal Convince&convert in his article leads 105 types of content and only some of them. Lists, guides, surveys, case studies, interviews, reviews, news, ebooks, success stories, forecasts, studies, email marketing campaigns, videos, audiobooks, webinars, etc.

To avoid confusion in the variety of content and not to disperse efforts in different directions you should make a strategy in advance. We offer the following step-by-step scenario. Consider the audience for which you work, according to criteria.

Interests, age, gender, ability to pay, needs, geography etc. The more accurately you can make a portrait of a potential customer, the more targeted your content strategy, and therefore more effective. It will be easier to make a plan of action if you answer the following questions.

– What goals to set. – What topics to reveal. – How will you measure the effectiveness of.

– How can you ensure that content easy to share. – Are you going to place the posts on third party blogs or your only lead.

– Are you going to run email campaigns for promotion of the content. – What types of content to post in the first place. – Who will engage in the creation and distribution of content.

The success of content marketing depends largely on the regularity of posting content. Make a content plan in the form of a table, graph and indicate where the channels content.

Content optimization affects search engine promotion. You should pay attention. To attract and retain the attention of users is easier with the help of visual tools, which include.

Be aware of new trends and share your knowledge and your thoughts with audiences using different formats. Try email newsletter, direct inclusion in Facebook, webinars. Experiment without fear of failure because even a failed campaign will bring you valuable experience. Gather a team of several people to ensure a continuous rhythm of work.

If you attract content creators from the side, spend a lot of time and effort to convey to them the correct understanding and perception of your product. Good synchronization of effort and vision team will help you avoid a situation like in the famous fable of Krylov “Swan, pike and cancer”, when all team members “bend over backwards, and the cart still no go”. As you develop a content marketing strategy, we advise start-UPS on a regular basis to collect your email subscribers.

Email newsletter is an effective and inexpensive way to inform their users of content updates on the blog, website, or video channel, etc. Creating and sharing content, remember the basic rule – of seals is no longer enough to be truly useful to its users.

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