How To Develop A Social Network Without Experience In SMM

Co-founder of the service for independent travellers TripMyDream Andrey Burenok shared with readers my experience as almost single-handedly, with no experience in SMM to collect a page of your startup more than 100 thousand subscribers in 2.5 years. All articles and guides to create communities in Facebook that I have seen, it was assumed that SMM-Manager has a clear plan. I have all turned out differently. The history of the page TripMyDream began even before the start of the service.

It was on July 22 2014. The product was in the development stage. We have only tried to combine different technical solutions. The only thing that was ready, this website stub with the selected name.

That day I had Breakfast with a friend, we discussed business, and he suddenly asked if we have a page on Facebook. I hadnt even thought about it. What if the product isnt existed. A friend of mine explained that the page you need to create immediately, or “alias will lead the hunter”. If that happened, we would have to buy from those in the hunter community name (alias) or to move under a different name.

The same day I registered the page. No I did not have. It was quite a spontaneous decision. When the page was created, I immediately wanted something to publish.

I have not followed what is written by the competitors in the travel, didnt think about positioning, not sought to make the publication perfect. The positioning was worth the work, but the rest — good thing I dont get hung up on planning. It is believed that the design of the page should work on brand awareness. Needless to say, the avatar you put your logo.

But at the time, when I created the page have not yet been approved logo. Was “compromise” option, which I absolutely didnt like. I decided that I would act differently, and chose a recognizable character. The “boss” of our page for a while was hunter s Thompson from “Fear and loathing in Las Vegas”.

The pic appeared a strange picture of johnny Depp in the yellow glasses, and on the page — impressions of the “unknown traveler” on mushrooms in Amsterdam. For content I used all available sources and miksovat them in crazy combinations. For example, the publication was born with the statue of Christ in Rio, signed to quote Lao Tzu: In combination with the face of the character of hunter Thompson in your avatar it looked wildly.

Laughter laughter, but it was necessary to promote the page. Of course, you could hire a professional SMM-Manager, but it seemed strange. We havent even started. And budget for another employee was not.

Independent work on the page was my best “mistake”. Of course, I spent one and a half hours a day, and even more. Was looking for and adapted the content later began writing and personal notes, was well versed in the promotion, are constantly monitoring statistics. Came in the morning to a favorite cafe and prepared a new publication.

At first it was inspiring, but after a while I caught myself thinking that the page of the brand has become a “monkey”. “Monkeys” I call everything that distracts from other things and cant concentrate. Every 15 minutes I wanted to look at Facebook, check how many new likes on the page. It was the realization.

I fixated on routine action, and an interesting experiment turned into a “obyazalovke” and doesnt let go. Before that, I was sure to represent the brand in social networks should either himself or through a trusted person like yourself. When the routine was a lot, I realized that the correct approach is. First to experience everything by yourself, and then find a reliable assistant.

When I realized that not cope with the load, hired.. Mom. She was looking for materials, I edited them published, promoted. And only much later the team was joined by the chief editor, who is now engaged in social networks and blog.

Now we create the content according to customer needs. By the time the school holidays publish collections of family vacation, the summer writing about the festivals, cold on the slopes, or, on the contrary, in winter in warm countries. Choose the main topic of the month — and forward, to make a content plan and act.

When I had an assistant, I began to think strategically. I realized that to focus on other areas of travel, featuring beautiful photography and philosophical statements, is not an option. Such content does not contribute to the recognition of the brand, because many of his followers were convinced that we simply online travel. Was close to the release of the project, it was necessary to somehow associate the content with the recognition of the brand and to motivate people to plan trips through the website.

I decided to come up with an avatar of our customers. But come up with nothing had. I created the project for themselves, to solve their own problems — in this case knowing that the same problem is the most independent travelers. I was the avatar of the target audience.

Before that we was, when we made the doll — Trinitymike, mascot of the project and photographed it in different countries. But why take pictures of the doll, if you can take pictures of yourself and your family. Its easier for people to associate themselves with a live person than with a rag toy. Besides, we all strive to spy on someone elses life, hence the crazy popularity of cinema, TV series, lifestyle integramod.

When I started to write many personal posts. Called all friends who is also fond of independent travel, and asked them to share. We published stories about all the. About moving to Barcelona, childbirth in Bali, the food of impressions from new York. Some of our authors were a novice blogger, someone- opinion leader.

I noticed that people have published a link, adding. “Read it, I wrote about my trip to TripMyDream” — as if this is the article for a big magazine. So we found a “feature” — personal experience. At the same time trying to be useful.

Made announcements about discounts for travel, published news of low-cost airlines, wrote a collection of ideas for extraordinary or a budget holiday. So there are several regular columns that are there now. But we try not to add too many materials. Two articles a day is enough. About nine in the evening and one in the afternoon, about three oclock.

With a large number of publications, the “weight” of each of them to Facebook reduced — and the chance to get into the news feed subscriber fall. Experimenting with themes and categories, actively promoting posts and inviting new members, we grew to about 50 thousand subscribers. With this phase began the organic growth of the page. We have almost ceased to spend resources to attract a new audience, but seriously engaged, so that the reader came to the site and organized the trip.

The more we develop, the more people came up with interesting proposals — and not just on the page but also to my friends. When we won the nomination for the Seedstars Summit 2016, people began to add hundreds of. And to many, as it turned out, was interested in my life, some personal moments, tips, life hacks. I took the “challenge” — and now I write a lot.

Anything goes in the blog project, something just publish on your page, something in the media. It can be quite personal things. Of course, a small line between the private and the public are still. Before you publish something about the family, consult with his wife.

If the wife does not agree to publish the matter is closed. But for the most part of the experience we still share to promote independent travel and to rid people of the fears associated with travel without travel Agency. Frankly. We spend page money.

But it was a tight budget. For a set audience, in addition to the free methods I used and the is page in Facebook. For all the time it was done about ten designs of banners and about ten different messages, and we tuned in more than 20 different interest groups, geolocation, age and other parameters.

First, for each group I tried different combinations of message banners. Watched what effectively convert and optimized further, and when optimization was over, began to scale the budgets to a level where maintaining the efficient price for the attraction. On average, one new premium traveller cost us $0,11. At one time it was also very effective to promote popular articles and posts on different interest groups and invite them after the interaction with the post. Promote the articles with the purpose of getting traffic to the site cost us and cost from $0.002 to $0,02.

But it is important to exclude from the promotion of those who have already signed. The exact amount I now will not name, but for the time the channel spent more than $20 thousand, including the cost of remarketing and advertising. By the way, the remarketing in Facebook costs us 30% more expensive than in Adwords, the conversion below.

It is not necessary to allocate substantial funds to promote in Facebook. Each case is individual. If you select a lot of money on promotion, it does not guarantee success. You can pay for publication, but not to get in your audience. You can go wrong with time — and your recording will be lost in the flow of political news.

You can mess with UTM tags and do not understand what gave you the publication. There are a million mistakes you can avoid. Moreover, Facebook constantly changes the algorithms of ranking news. To spend in such conditions a lot of money — a bad decision.

My strategy is to try everything a little, not in a hurry and to rely on the quality of the content. Pay is only for those instruments which do not receive free. For example, we do not “cheat” subscribers and not pay bloggers for texts for the blog. Instead of paying to cheat users I used, for example, the fake accounts.

Called them his alter-ego. It was pages of fictional characters, with whom I also invited people to the page. It was very funny when they have their own life. Detailed comments under the posts, a whole discussion, sincere congratulations fake birthday and so on. The social network gives you the opportunity to target audiences on a variety of parameters.

You can select avid travelers who are always in search of new routes. You can find users with children. It is possible to form a separate audience of newly engaged people, who will honeymoon. Targeting can be layered to create custom audiences (Facebook Custom Audiences), and then the Lookalike audience based on them. All of this is to try a short “race”.

Facebook is the most long and poorly convertible into sales channel. Some even suggest to use the page solely as a tool of brand marketing. Supposedly no of leads with Facebook you get, and that is to give all the power to popularize the brand. I dont agree.

Performance-marketing need not less than brand marketing. These are two different goals and each should determine its control metrics. To promote the brand, for example, track the value of “people talking about this” sales — number made call to action.

Practice shows that direct sales from Facebook have eight indirect conversion. That is, people come and buy, but not directly through the post, and the long way, using several transitions. This is particularly noticeable in segments like ours, where purchases are made only a couple of times a year, and the average check is $ 500 makes a person to think ten times before ordering. You need to understand that this is a complicated process, and learn new tools.

For example, dynamic remarketing, which allows for more fine work with the needs of customers, returning visitors to a site and stimulating to finish the action. To evaluate the effectiveness of this work, we suggest to use multi-channel measurement. There is a funnel by which we evaluate the publication. To act directly on the page, through navigation on the website to purchase.

We are currently working on a new digital strategy that we employ and Facebook page, correlating its work with contextual and banner advertising and other promotion channels. The only way we will be able to use all the possibilities offered by the popularity in Facebook. While this is important summary of the work with the page. When finished, I will be ready to share new results and insights.

And while summarizing the results of. You need to act quickly, but carefully. Follow these guidelines.

And most importantly, do not expect instant results, and do not put a dot when you see it in the statistics of the desired number. Popular Facebook-page — is not a goal but a tool that still needs to be used competently. Send columns, corresponding to the requirements of the editorial Board, [email protected]

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