How To Distinguish Good Infographics From Slathering On The Fence

But it was not enough. Infographics came up with about 20 criteria that make it “perfect”. One word, smeared sense as I could. Therefore, like the infographic you can not find fault, you can still find evidence that elk drawn with the callout “head”, “hoof” and “tail” — also infografiken. Today we encourage you to speculate, what makes an infographic an infographic.

And that is just a beautiful picture. Part of the examples are from the magazine “Infographics”, thank them for the work. These are two polar approaches to infographics. First proposed by statistician Edward Tufte, the second designer Nigel Holmes. First called the infographic “research” (the word explorative much more accurate fits, we think).

The second dubbed his “narrative” (narrative). To distinguish them it is easy. The first type of infographic makes strain gyrus, the second is to relax and have fun. First — unemotional and minimalistic.

On the contrary, the more pretty pictures the better. You cant assume one approach is bad and other is good — its just two approaches, and everything. Both independent and right to life are. OK, go ahead. What makes an infographic good?.

Infographic identifies the need for it. As a rule, is the need to visualize information which would be textually assimilated much worse. If the infographic conveys information that is not worse than read if it is text — this infographic is not needed. Detailing and cool visual style — its wonderful, but dont forget that all of this should carry information.

And it is important to strike a balance between the outside and the meaning. Otherwise it will be a waste of time. If the infographic looks at a hundred points, and the point in it at half its just exercises in design and nothing more. Infographics for the lazy.

It should be understood as a “General plan” and a detailed examination. Infographic that contains ambiguity and uncertainty, is sent to the trash. Only need a simple and understandable way. One of the mistakes inexperienced designers infographic — the thoughtless use of space.

They fill it with unnecessary frills, which is unacceptable. Every designer should constantly ask ourselves. “why?”. Especially before you draw another curl on the infographic.

The easiest way to check whether youre doing an infographic or just waste time — remove all the text. The point remains — its infographics. The meaning has disappeared — well, you just drew illustrations to the text. This item is to understand a little more. Choose a random picture from the Internet for “infographics”:

Here we use one of the methods infographic — the opposition. In the left part we see the benefits from working in the company, in the right — in the company of a competitor. If you remove from the picture all the text, you get this:

To catch the meaning now is almost impossible, the illustrations are not enough “talking”. Moreover, the left and right side are almost identical. Conclusion. This is not infographics, and illustrated text. Now another example.

Infographic shows how much water is wasted in the production of a product: If you remove all text, then infographics are almost not lose in meaning — all because key data is visualized, and just added secondary text: Even if we removed the number — would remain “droplets” and it would be possible to compare what takes more water, and less.

And this is infographics. To calculate the real infographic is easy. Its signs: By the way, the infographic is interactive — so if you have a project where you need to visualize piles of data, it is possible to look in her direction. For example, we did Dataface — read the story of the creation, if youre interested.

The use of infographics should be justified. It is not necessary to pack any facts in graphs — just because so do all. Think about what goal you want to achieve and put the interests of the reader above his own. Over the past 5 years, infographics have gained popularity, then dropped that in popularity, and now is back — in the form of animated and interactive infographics.

At the same time to create a static with a bunch of services and it would be a crime not to share at least a couple of. Use, but remember, what makes a good infographic and just “pictures”. Intuitive editor of infographics with a library of ready elements. Each can be customized and edited for themselves.

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