How To Do A Free Internship Effective

Communications Director of the Foundation “First Generation” Darius Sadikova shared ways of organizing internship programs. In the 11th century, the apprentices learned the craft seven years. All this time they lived side by side with the master, could not marry and did not receive payment.

Today the training programs have moved into internships, became less severe, but has not lost relevance. The consulting company recruited temporary assistant to perform low-paid routine work, marketing agencies attract interns on an unpaid basis for relief accounts, student projects, in principle, survive only at the expense of volunteers.

Company recruit free labor under career programs or for the sake of fashion trainees, but few of them do it consciously and, as a consequence, effective. The Fund “the First Generation” I am responsible for internal and external communication, so that all our projects receive feedback both from students and from companies-partners.

This allowed identification of the most fatal misconceptions of employers about the trainees. The examples below are taken from personal experience, colleagues experience and case studies of our members.

Aimlessly and free work only lazy students during externship. They have is a compulsory part of University curricula. Pleasure and values they do not get work suitable (very bad).

If adequate frame came on their own to free training, then surely he has non-profit motives. Potential experience line in a CV, career opportunities. Whatever the reasons — it is better to know them to get interested and productive Intern. Dont forget — if you want to save money, the company will have to spend other resources.

In some large law firms have such a practice. Loading interns adaptations, is constantly involved in new projects. It takes time partners, who oversee the interns, but the output is trained personnel who take on a significant range of tasks.

Students in turn are willing to sit on cases until night to get the line in the summary and productive experience. Conclusion. Training — always barter, and the more useful and helpful to offer your side of the deal, the more professional and better counter performance.

In order to get something, have something to give. In 2014 at the youth forum “Tavrida” regional entrepreneur complained that good help is hard to find. So he “hires per month 10 incompetent people, and then methodically and dispassionately pits them against each other and dismissed”. “Id put you in the list of “black” employers” — said the listener out of the crowd and was right.

If people come to work for free, the last thing he will tolerate is humiliation and neglect. The employee level may not be as good as I would like. However, it is better to patiently teach than to create an unhealthy team atmosphere with high turnover, and then wonder where they all scattered good workers?.

Conclusion. Appreciate the hard work of their interns, and then they will appreciate you and your contribution to the common cause — to work in full strength and enthusiasm.

Lets say you have decided to hire an extra worker to relieve yourself of key tasks. If the main request is to bring coffee, then you dont need a trainee, and revision of priorities. To practice law in the court we were sent to hem things and through a bottomless archives — where, they say, still accommodate apathetic youth. But as the home of the ficus we had fallen from these very archives.

In fact, this point about trust and delegation, without which a newly hired employee will quickly lose sense of their own need and run away. No one wants to do an “empty” work, especially for free. Perhaps banal posting on a social network easier to cover the cheap agencies, and interns to grow professional and loyal helpers who “cover” you for more intellectual and complex tasks. Conclusion.

Looking ficus, buy ficus, you want a good worker — and teach him to work, that is, give him a real job..if you build a competent strategy for working with them. Often poor recruits wander to the corners of the company in search of work and attention, and not all of them. The question is, why did you need to dial.

Another example. An it project with the help of three interns took key workers about three hours the administrative burden in the day. For new staff has moved the workflow and document management, preparation of materials for meetings with customers, simple phone conversations, ongoing communication with contractors and even a preliminary interview new interns — tasks whose performance is easy to control and can be outsourced without critical risks.

Yes, it took a week mess. Delegation, training, bug fixes and a few nervous calls to customers. But then they brought substantial benefits.

Conclusion. Additional manpower is useless if you dont delegate work. Why you need interns, if you can do it yourself and dont want to share?. Addition to the previous item.

Before doing the internship program, it is necessary to define its purpose. Its one thing to hire cheap labour to reduce cost for the execution of the routine, and another to create the personnel reserve of the future employees. On the basis of objectives will help to shape the work, because gain free workers — this is paid work of the HR team or other employees of the company. My friend a month trained in the promising engineering company.

All this time, without purpose and meaning googled about the market of drilling rigs, not understanding why this is necessary, the company. All at business, but it is not the case. In the end, she found another part-time job, took his modest probationer fee, left behind a history of search queries and left. To recruit people “that was” unprofitable and stupid. They will still take time and other resources, and will not bring benefits.

Conclusion. It is a mistake to think that the interns — its free. Keep in reserve people in office with no real need is an inefficient waste of time and money. First, determine the purpose of the internship and then recruit young employees.

You a trifle, but a novice worker happiness for the whole day. Remember yourself at the foot of the mountains career. Then it seemed that anything it is impossible, failures erode confidence, lack of experience affects the quality of work.

In such circumstances, the approval of senior colleagues, the recognition of small successes and small praise to help stay in shape. However, praise is necessary for the cause. Meghan Biro, CEO of Talent Culture, focuses on the fact that praising employees is important, but only deservedly or praise has no real value.

Conclusion. Praise the trainees for specific achievements and successes. Cant blame a man for what he wont ever sit on, even the most wonderful in the world, the position of the free Intern.

If you got it right, a good worker, ambition will get him further. You can and want to offer a promotion, do it. This is not possible. Release with the blessing and recommendation, wish success in life.

One major FMCG company was indignant, when several students went with their career program is more lucrative and interesting work, but the most interesting offer is not made. Common selfishness in the company called the “lack of loyalty” and gave a demonstration of moral spanking the rest of the program participants, instead of to reshape the discredited probation.

The number of stories with indignant employers who manipulate the poor students through emotional blackmail, do not count. This is a very short-term strategy, because people will still run away and horror stories others will tell, and good-bye will not give, documents will lose. There are all sorts of stories.

Conclusion. Adult and reasonable, the employer is able to part with employees on good terms. Absolutely pointless to mess with free interns, if you are willing to expend energy on growth and human development, and your company at the same time is not McKinsey or Google. Relations with an Intern in this case, it is unlikely to last longer than a month and will not mutual use and enjoyment.

On the other hand, grateful free the Intern is not only the money saved and high-quality work, but also help in finding new employees to replace “growing” human resources. Dont let the word “free” to ruin this relationship. Help to grow and praise. Periodically collect feedback alone and let her interns.

Feel free to discern both successes and failures, give advice, draw up a development plan. Dont be afraid to leave. Send columns, corresponding to the requirements of the editorial Board, [email protected]

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