How to get a job in the game industry — advice game designer Blizzard Entertainment

My own path in game design was not an ordinary. However, there are many reasons why people want my advice, so I claim some credibility. So when you get a job, a game designer send me an email so I realized that was useful to you. “What an original statement”, you say. But seriously, play really a lot — as in modern games and timeless classics.

Let it be Plants vs Zombies, Chrono Trigger, Frog Fractions. But first of all, choose the products those companies in which you want to work. The human resources staff are often asked what games competitor is playing now and what are considered “elected”. Managers usually want to better understand the candidate and make sure that he would easily fit in their internal culture.

If you run in there not boring gamer, he will turn your dream team in a soulless and boring bunch. Despite the desire to get to the amazing team of nerds, most teams probably dont want to see next to a man drooling from their presence, which is also fiercely tweets every visit to the toilet of their colleagues. So only acceptable solemn admiration! Reasonable people are much less common than you think. But from the “svergunov”, no rebound, especially from those who think that they can be anyone.

You cant even imagine how many people feel they can approach me, to declare that they want to work on my team, and I have to pretend that “Oh yeah, yeah, its the same man, so let him get a job and even a medal into the bargain”. If you have never worked in this field, agree to work in customer support or quality control at the initial positions. This is a complex and often interesting work, and beside interesting geeks like yourself. This is a great place to explore the culture of the company you are interested in, and make yourself at her reputation as a “reasonable guy”. If you are looking for work in these departments, you are especially lucky.

I myself was once an analyst Department quality assurance and loved this job. If you have the cover letter will be a thirty second dance video that demonstrates your design skills levels, I am more likely to invite you for an interview (although its how to do it is not necessary, I just made that up, so cook something else). It is clear that you are not the only one who wants this job. Become better than others. Learn how to draw a 3D model, learn the skills of the programmer.

Programming is something that gives you a great competitive advantage. This is one of the most important and the most disappointing factors. You cant achieve anything without luck. The fact that you are alive and can afford video games, already means that you are more fortunate than the bulk of people on this planet. Here is an amazing secret.

Sloggers more successful. Sometimes, when the development team is thinking about opening a new vacancy, it can add knowledge of photoshop in the list of requirements just because one knows the right girl in the quality Department with knowledge of photoshop. Thus, it allows to describe the job more accurately, knowing that candidates already have a girl fit these narrow requirements and are more likely to get a job, because she forged your own luck. In 2002, when I worked in a software company, became friends with one person there, who later resigned from this company and got the job night officer quality control at Blizzard working on Warcraft III.

The Frozen Throne. He knew that I started working at the pizzeria and asked to make an order with us, and I delivered pizza. This allowed me to get acquainted with some people in a team, to convince them of its adequacy and to obtain a temporary job as a game tester. Just imagine how lucky I was.

I lived a few minutes from the Blizzard office and met the right people at the right time. It was all good coincidence with the exception of those moments where I had to personally show people what you are capable of. Use these moments, and the number of such opportunities will increase.


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