How To Monetize Your Expertise

Four ways to earn on the examination. The material was prepared with the support of “Beeline” Business.

Experience – one of the key resources of entrepreneurs. It can be donated to others and to monetize. On — four ways to reflect on their own entrepreneurial knowledge, start sharing expertise and earn.

Entrepreneurs are not eager to share with the market, clients or partners own ideas and ready-made solutions for business. The reasons for this attitude is understandable — many people believe that theoretical knowledge and experience are easy to steal, and the entrepreneur gets nothing in return.

At the same time, it is necessary to evaluate the importance of feedback, which you can get, to be honest — although within reasonable limits — to talk about the causes of their failures and successes to the market. So says Patrick hull, who for many years was smykal in the columns for Forbes your entrepreneurial experience. To act openly against the market is a winning strategy. So do foreign companies, for example, Buffer and Russian, for example Amplifr, which can directly call the founder of the company.

Experience is an asset that appreciated during the crisis. Sharing their expertise, the entrepreneur can not only get feedback, but also to earn. This can be done in several ways.

The most obvious way to comprehend your business experience and share it – become a source of useful content for publications. Media willing to pay for the column and the upper threshold is limited to only useful and interesting information and popular speaker.

A good alternative is to make your blog or channel in the Telegram. Advertising in the messenger market has not yet formed, but develops rapidly. For example, the channel Creator “Interesting article” Mikhail Kafanov earns from advertising in the Telegram from 30 to 80 thousand rubles. Depending on the theme of the channel, this amount may be significantly higher or lower.

“One of the things I have found over the years the organization of conferences is to invite a good speaker is very expensive”, — says Vice-President of consulting company Velvet Chainsaws Jeff hurt. In Russia, industry conferences is not as developed as in the United States. However, there is an understanding that the speaker should receive money for their performance.

The experience of Herta, the speaker with a big name in the industry can get from $4 thousand to $10 thousand for one performance. From world-renowned experts, for example, the writer and entrepreneur Tony Robbins, the price tag could reach $300 thousand.

In Russia as in the USA, the fee of the speaker depends on its behalf, use of speech and concrete conference. The speaker can only pay travel and accommodation and to pay the fee. The amount of the fee may be up to 120 thousand rubles.

Despite the crisis, the market has no shortage of young talents who are making first steps in business. Their great potential is often set off by even greater self-doubt. Therefore, a promising rookie to take under his wing and share their experience. At first glance, mentoring seems to be philanthropy, but it is not.

Instead his expertise of mentor raises the seasoned entrepreneur. And sooner or later, the young entrepreneur can “shoot”. So, for example, happened to the mentor application Prisma Nikolai Davydov. In 2016 he became the investor of the year by the magazine “RBC”.

In b2b sales, many advertising channels. Promote your product by using social networking, webinars, mailings, cold calls and search engine promotion. This is a classic and refined ways.

In November 2014, the SalesForce platform conducted a study comparing the conversion of different channels b2b sales. It turned out that the greatest conversion of those customers who recommend the product is tested persons (3,63%). Least have cool clients — those with whom the company contacted itself (0,02%).

Taking these statistics into service, “Beeline” Business has launched the program “Business-sundress”. The client, who uses the services of “Beeline Business” can recommend them to the businessman, colleague or friend. If he is interested, he will contact the Manager of the program and tell you more about it. For each new user client “Beeline” Business gets a percentage from the sale. Its a win-win situation for both parties.

An inexperienced user gets expertise, and the sponsor earns on its experience. Recommend a new customer just. Need to get his consent, and then specify the contacts in your personal profile. There you can track the status of applications.

For each new customer, the referrer will receive a percentage. 8% if the customer bought the tariff “All for business” and 25% for the service “Cloud PBX”. The list of services “Beeline” Business with a cloud PBX, the Mobile enterprise, “Unified monitoring”, “Internet Business”. Therefore, the list of professions that can recommend a new customer extensive.

It can do as a sales Manager, and accountant, auditor or sysadmin. On the publication of promotional materials and contact the sales Department.

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