How To Open A Summer Business And Not Go Broke €? The Experience Of The Russian Entrepreneurs

Five options seasonal business with fast payback. According to estimates by business (Ginza Project, “chaihona № 1”) the investment in mobile coffee shop will make 600-700 thousand rubles, and a mobile Burger joint or a pizzeria will cost half to two times more expensive. According to managing partner of the project “Happiness is” Pavel Tumanov, to equip the space to work on their own cheaper and more practical.

The kitchen equipment will cost 200 thousand rubles, and the entire truck is 1.5 million rubles. To get ready for work business in a month, you can contact the companies which are engaged in development and creation of food trucks.

The company “Maple” works in all regions of Russia and also in Kazakhstan, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Tajikistan. Prices for services range from one million rubles for the coffee shop to 2.8 million rubles for a Burger or pizza. On the website you can choose and concept car. The cost also includes the branding of truck, design and menu development.

Sputnik Trailers in the city of Almaty to develop trailers for mobile points of sale. On the website the price is listed as negotiable. To start the truck Hells Pizza left 1 million rubles. The frequency of use of the equipment and must depend on its placement in the truck. Need to effectively use every inch.

At the first burn from the lack of space it becomes obvious. We had no experience, so we turned to the professionals, and less than a month built inside the van a real mini-kitchen. Fully recoup all the investments connected with the purchase and construction of the truck, we were able for two seasons. We start in August 2015, and missed almost all the major festivals, so all costs were covered only in the middle of next summer.

We were interested in the restaurant business, but experience is not enough to take a chance and open school. Then came the idea to make a truck to try out the recipes and learn the processes without major investments. While the truck — only seasonal business. Given Moscows climate, the season is reduced to five months of the year.

We are currently working on the first permanent institution on Maroseika. The popular conception of truck: A truck with professional equipment perfect for cooking steaks, sushi, noodles, pasta, pastries, Ossetian pies and so on.

For example, a truck “Proteins and carbohydrates” specializiruetsya Mexican food — tacos, burritos, nachos and chimichangas. “Its important to know which product will be most marketable in the menu. In addition to pizza we have a menu of hot and cold drinks, snacks and sometimes soups. It all depends on the season, location and theme of the event in which we participate.

If we are talking about food festivals, the popular unusual dishes — pizza and Turkey and pear, spicy smoked tomato juice, and so forth, at music festivals and sporting events sell better is simple and straightforward positions that are easy to prepare,” says Elena Shtets. Formally, the legislation which regulates mobile trading, no. To protect the business from penalties, you need to register as an individual entrepreneur, to notify the CPS about the beginning of activities and be prepared to provide certificates of quality products, magazines, health treatments and medical record staff.

“External checks to us never came. Some organizers employ a sanitary inspector who makes the bypass before the festival to ensure compliance with health standards. Of course, there are risks, if an inconsistent stand in the center of Moscow and to start to sell, without having permission to trade and lease”, — says Elena Shtets, co-owner of the truck Hells Pizza.

Despite competition in the summer, ice-cream brings a big profit, but with the right approach, this option requires a minimum investment, according to the author of the book “Your business. Where to start, how to succeed” Lilia Agarkova.

Rent two or three square meters of land under the open sky will be 12-15 thousand rubles, purchase of goods will cost 10-15 thousand rubles. The fridge you can either take it with hand for 10-15 thousand rubles, or negotiate with the supplier for the hire of refrigeration equipment. The opening of the stationary point, which will be sold soft ice cream, will require more cash injections, as it includes rent, furnish, and purchase necessary equipment.

“Our starting capital amounted to 500 thousand rubles, — says Regina Gurin, the owner of cafe Thai roll-ice-cream Elefun in Kaliningrad. €? It was the first time. From registration of a legal entity to promote a new consumer product.”. In the period from may to September, the markup on ice cream is 90-100%.

The payback period for outlets like ours is not more than eight months, depending on the location and patency. We are at the stage of development, and most of the available funds invested in the improvement of our work, develop new tastes, buy new equipment for the summer trade, introducing new items such as hot drinks in cold periods, and cold to hot. To get started you need to register as a business entity. Also, before you start trading you will need to notify the CPS about starting a business, indicating its species according to the established list of reference codes OKVED.

Should find suppliers. There will either have to look for companies that supply ice cream or ingredients for making ice cream on the spot. Selling ice cream in the packaging is simple, but to attract more visitors, create an individual style, recommends Regina Gurin, the owner of cafe Thai roll-ice-cream Elefun.

To open juice bars will need a budget of 350-500 thousand rubles for the purchase of equipment. Entrepreneurs immediately recommend to buy juicers, mixers, blenders, a device for cleaning of vegetables and fruit, ice cube machine, refrigerators, storage boxes products, as well as vegetables, fruits, milk and so on. The average margin on goods is 200-300%. A glass of fresh juice at a cost 25-30 rubles retails for 90-100 rubles.

According to Artem Kirillov, the network owner “Sasiska” in Samara, recoupment juice bar depends on the location, quality and range at the point. The average business pays during the year.

Documents standard. Registration of an individual entrepreneur, to notify CPS about the beginning of the activities, certificates of quality for used products, and medical record staff. Initially for about six months we worked on the events and participated in the food days. At this stage of the investments we do, just the little things.

The main was making with his hands in his spare time. When they decided to open three points in the city, took a loan of 500 thousand rubles for the installation, purchase equipment, and pay the rent. Worked all summer and returned the money. The hardest part was to sign the first lease in a suitable place in our city.

When you do not work anywhere, you dont want to talk. When you already have at least one point — its all right. Therefore, it is better to be cunning and say that you are already working. Still no scanning. We did as he wrote in the presentation that we have a point in one of the shopping centers and quickly agreed.

Regarding the choice of suppliers should be constantly looking for where is cheaper. Over time, there is a suitable option, and you will wonder how you could pay two to three times for the same product or product. Just write about permissions. Much bother and you shouldnt be afraid.

For three years never had checks or problems. In catering you need to staff the existing medical books and certificates of quality for used products. A copy of the certificates sold products suppliers provide upon request without any problems. Also be sure to inform the CPS about starting a business. All.

If you work clean and watch out for expiration dates. Participation in markets and festivals does not always guarantee success. This is a story about one event in which we participate, when we do nothing. We are from Samara, the Moscow festival.

The organizers have promised more than 30 thousand people. We lit up and began to gather. Put about 150 thousand rubles in the equipment and procurement, anticipating the excitement. The day before the festival the weather turned bad. All three days of the festival it was raining and a strong wind was blowing.

In addition, the organizers invited a lot of points of food, the offer obviously exceeded demand. In the end we went home with a loss of about 85 thousand rubles. The main thing we learned is to prepare in advance replacement options in case of bad weather. In hot weather we sell only smoothies. And there was no time.

But if the weather was cold and windy — added hot drinks. Tea, punch and so on. To make an informed decision about participation in the event, it is necessary to know the approximate number of visitors based on the experience of previous years. You also need to consider the number of participants in food-court and their range (if you already have five projects with coffee, the sixth will do worse to themselves and to them), weather and calculate maximum rent.

It should be no more than 30% of planned revenues. Tip # 1. Despite the hype of micro-enterprises, which is recent years is a lot of patience, money and reliable partners. Or at least patience and partners. Success and breakthroughs are rare, although they write a lot.

You will need a lot of work. Remember, most everything goes out the window. When starting a new business you need to blindly believe in him, to surrender completely, but to understand what is likely to be a failure. Matter how controversial it may be.

Tip # 2. Try it until then, until you get it. Organization market or festival — way to make money with no starting capital.

My experience says the founder of the event Agency CreativeSpot Victor lepskiy. The company organizes markets, lectures, seminars, master classes and musical events in Vladivostok. “Decide the theme and content market. In our case 65% of the visitors are female audience, — said Victor lepskiy.

€? so designer clothes and accessories are always in demand. And, of course, a very popular food. Master class and the game room is also interesting, but we have not performed large-scale, because it is more suited to children and their parents”.

The next step is to find a suitable site. “Work in private spaces and shopping centers much easier. With these people it is easier to conduct a dialogue and they understand that cooperation with us is profitable.

Plus their sites are infrastructure. Electricity, warehouses and so forth,” — says Victor lepskiy. If the city markets has not been performed, then prepare to find participants and to persuade to join the project will not be easy, warns Victor lepskiy:

“We personally avoided the potential participants and persuaded to participate in the market. Understanding what we are doing is really interesting and new event for the city, gave confidence”. For the project start-up capital is not needed, as the market system works monetization. Each participant pays for his seat that covers the cost.

Since the first store we worked in “plus”. For the part we took 2 thousand rubles. However, a considerable profit, we began to receive in the fourth year of the event. The first years most of the money we spent on the qualitative improvement of our stores, so our goal was to make a comfortable ecosystem for participants in our case are ready for each participant.

Now we make mostly two-day market, the price of participation in which 10 thousand rubles. Now it is enough to come, hang out a sign and start working. Earlier in the Wake skated behind the boat, but now the popularity is going cable skiing. By 2013, the company Vertigo Sports has built 18 hydrous Wake parks in 16 cities.

In 2017, their number has increased three times across Russia. At the opening of the Wake Park will need 700-800 thousand rubles. Installation for Wake Park is 500-600 thousand rubles, and requires consumables for 15-20 thousand rubles per season. The design consists of two pillars on opposite coasts, and between the rope moving carriage driven by an electric motor.

Cable car it is advisable to install in a city with a population of 300 thousand people. The average cost of riding is 30-40 rubles per minute, and the average seasonal mileage: 500 hours. According to information on the website Vertigo Sports, the installation pays for itself in one or two seasons. However, the head of a wakeboarding Park Wake Up in the Voronezh Eugene Shcherbakov claims that for return on investment is not easy:

Of my friends did not pay off anybody, all funds go to the development or repair. For example, last year spent 240 thousand to replace the support, which demolished the ice. Business more a fashion and with good work it like a hobby. This years updated rolling boards, left in a minus.

The water in the Wake Park must be suitable for swimming, no big waves, driftwood, rocks, or bursts of boats and yachts, and the depth not less than one meter. Immediately you need to consider the location of the poles. The distance should be chosen in the range of 100-200 meters.

It is important that at these sites it was possible to screw in the anchors, its better if its not sand and not a rock. It is necessary to provide possibility of connection of electricity for operation of the unit, and also heating and lighting of the site. After the place is chosen, the first issue is land rent. You can sign the agreement with the owner or contact the Committee on management of municipal property of the district in which is situated the land, or to the Cadastral chamber.

When mounting the supports of the cable-tow road on the shore of the pond to conclude the contract of water use do not have. The use of water resources under the water code of the Russian Federation on General grounds. When installing supports or at least one support cable-tow road at the bottom of the reservoir must enter into a water use agreement, and to consent to the installation of Supervision and the State inspection on small size vessels.

To open the desired set of documents. Presentation letter from the inspection authorities, the certificate of standardization of Rostechnadzor, environmental conclusion. Set object non-stationary, the installation can be disassembled in two days and installed in a different location.

For the initial operation of a wakeboarding Park, it is sufficient to have the following equipment equipment. Four wakeboard with different sizes and attachment to them, three of wetsuit sizes S, M and L, life jackets and helmets.

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