How To Organize Online Store With The 13 Steps Instruction From ADN Digital Studio

The companys head of design ADN Digital Studio Pavel Zanin has written a detailed guide on what you need to provide the business owner to open an online store. The succulent leaves grow on the top. This is the law of nature.

To reach them — need to have a long neck and legs like a giraffe. But this article is, of course, about the wild Savannah, and on electronic Commerce. How did you know the giraffe is your online store. And the green one in Africa and the greens.

How to order development of online store. Some people think that it is enough to call in, pay, wait a month and get your hands on a ready-made tool for collecting revenue. Personal giraffe — tall and handsome. In fact, in order to develop an effective online store, you need to provide so much detail that most just give up.

Yes, and much will have to do for you personally, not a Studio analyst, or programmer. If you really want to create an online store, which “reach” is the guide for you. We have looked at what needs to be done to the owner of the business for its first online shop were hot competitors — all fit in 13 steps.

Once I was at the seminar, where one speaker said smart and pretty obvious. “You need to choose the strongest competitor and set ourselves the task to bite off his piece of the market. Competitors are weaker than themselves will share”. Offer to take his advice and start with data collection and analysis.

First you need to prepare your spreadsheet (in Google Docs or Microsoft Excel, where you habitually). About this is a real table for competitor analysis, which we used when the experiment was carried out with the launch of its store. You should then write down all strong competitors. And fill each of them with the following information:

Prices for similar products. If the range is large, focus on combat positions that you always have available or that you can give the lowest price. Or just most running goods. Shipping. The options usually are.

Free, free from a order value calculated on the website when ordering, the shipping fees said the Manager after the order. Regions of delivery. Only your region, other regions. Check with some transport companies working competitor. The completion period of the order before shipping.

The terms of delivery. The points of delivery of goods. Whether or not, in which regions, which companies work. Payment types. Card, cash, Bank transfer, the account to legal entities.

The estimated number of daily sales. To find out is simply. Do two orders a day during the week and view order numbers. Well, or ask the Manager to intimate conversation. Quality assessment the quality of feedback.

How to quickly respond to emails, make calls, how they talk and react to issues management. Chips website that you “hooked”. The names of the directory partitions, the ease of navigation, placing order. In General, anything that you like. Subjective assessment of the quality of the site.

Intuitively, liked or not liked — on a scale of ten, for example. What venues advertised. Yandex, Google, banners, social networking, outdoor advertising. It will take some time pomonitorit popular websites and social networks.

This study will take you about two or three weeks. What you collect at the competitors — this is the cornerstone of a future online store. This information will allow us to properly prepare materials for the site, to check out from the competition, determine pricing and discount policy, make a correct positioning. The power of information cannot be underestimated.

Simply put, you must be different from competitors in a favorable direction. At the same price for the goods the buyer will choose the shop where the managers are agile, intuitive website navigation, high-quality photos and descriptions. But if with all these advantages you still will give the most tasty price, then there are no options – the buyer of your.

Here is a preliminary list of what you should pay attention and what you can check out: Prices. Range. The speed of delivery. Service.

Additional services. The quality of the site and content. Its hard to be the best in everything, because it all hinges on money. Will improve the service and speed of delivery — will increase the cost of management and logistics.

Raise the bar on the quality of the site and the content will be more expensive to do maintenance. Want be present in all regions will increase spending on advertising. This means that product prices likely will need to raise.

So — dont follow everyone at once. Will choose, say, two areas in which you want to develop. Let it be, for example, a quality website and speed of delivery. Accordingly, your positioning is already possible to write in the formula “convenient and fast”.

Because of this, and will come by when you are together will begin to make your online shop — designers can make the right emphasis on your strengths. All just. You know your customers in person, and the developer has only a rough idea. So the Studio need your clear vision of the target audience — so the online shop will be able to “get” it most accurately.

Example. Do you have an online shop. You know what your biggest seller lenses. Buy them in young people aged 16 to 30 years. But the specifics of such goods that he sold regularly, about once a month or two.

With this background, the Studio can offer you a solution. To make the store the subscription product every month the 1st day of the store will remind customers of the need to buy lenses. And since audience is the youth, let the reminder come to the smartphone in WhatsApp (Studio will connect to you a bot which will send those reminders automatically).

Of course, this is just a small example. What other parameters you can divide the audience and what valuable information it will give the Studio: Retail customers — individuals, payment by credit card or upon receipt of the order. Retail customers — legal entities, the payment of the invoice. Wholesale buyers is its discount system, can store orders.

Dealer — individual discounts, store order history, the ability to download documents from your personal account. Also, for example, if you have already worked out the interaction with the retail and wholesale, unauthorized users it is possible to show retail prices in the catalog, and wholesalers after login — wholesale or individual. If there are system of discounts from volume, the same retail customers can immediately display the price with the discount. It is convenient.

Better to think in advance about how the catalog will be filled with goods. Known to us three ways: Manually. Suitable for online stores with fewer products.

Load for adding and updating goods will be borne by the Manager. Loading from a file. Different from the first method because the directory or the remains can be loaded from a specially prepared XLS, XML or CSV file. Descriptions and photos will likely have to be made manually. Integration with “1C” is possible, if you already have a “1C” with a properly prepared base, and your techs know how to set up sync with website.

Or any in the Studio. Perfect world — do you have “1C”, in which the goods are divided into categories, products in individual fields of the selected properties. Name, color, photo, size, short description, manufacturer, part number, in stock, retail price, wholesale price. “1C” is called “product offerings”.

Similarly, is “1C-Bitrix”. Need to choose the right product and configure the data exchange. If you do not have the 1C, but you want to implement it in the near future, wait on the ordering site.

Most likely, you are going to make it to the end of layout design and the project will have to freeze. Some studios the contract stipulates the penalties for such a freeze-defrost. In any case, the project will extend indefinitely. Therefore, first deal with “1C” — then go for website.

In this step, consider whether you on the website always displays the current balances for commodity items. This is important in order to sell from the site for advance. Example. A visitor within the hour assemble product to cart to order.

Sends the request, and the Manager calls and says that this product is out of stock and not known when it will appear. What is the probability that the customer will return to a online store?. It is important to know inventory and quickly sync them with your website. One option is for items that are not in stock, you can mark the text “custom” and when placing the order to split the basket in two parts — what is available, the buyer will be able to pay immediately, and that under the order, will have it in the “pending goods”.

When products appear, he will receive a notification and the buyer will be able to pay them too. There are two polar views. First — the more payment methods the more convenient for the buyer and better for store. Second — dont give the buyer too many options of payment, and he will become confused and run away.

In our experience — pay with many options yet no one is scared. Therefore, we recommend the following methods: Cash to the courier.

Cash or card at the point of delivery. Payment by card through the website. Bank transfer on receipt. From the settlement account of the organization. Cash on delivery.

Your task before you start work — choose payment methods. Information about that the developers want to select aggregator of payment systems, the design of registration pages and order. And you yourself — to describe the document flow, regulations of delivery and working couriers, the cost of purchasing terminals.

Refusing any form of payment, you will lose orders. But there is one subtlety. We refused the cod, as in fact it proved unprofitable.

Despite the large number of orders, had to cancel it. Another point. Any online payment will cost you 2-5% of the value of the payment. Keep this in mind when forming retail prices for shipping.

Work with an Internet store is not limited to only receiving money on current account and sending goods to buyers. To online shop normally exist, it is necessary to have a powerful person, whose responsibilities will include: Responses to phone calls and emails. Processing orders, informing customers of order statuses.

Interaction with the technical support of the website. Interaction with advertising Agency. Interaction with the warehouse or supplier. Interaction with transport companies. Maintaining a register of orders.

Preparation of photos, video and descriptions. The content of the catalog. Package. Management of groups in social networks, presence on the discussion forums. Work with the trading platforms.

This list of responsibilities may not be final, but the first stage can handle one person. In the future he can become head of an online store, because with the increase in the number of orders the state will have to increase, new employees will have someone to manage. Here is the motivation when applying for a job.

The importance of content for the site in recent years says a lot. The best text about this, in our opinion, wrote Nikolay Belousov, founder of the online store Madrobots. And then there are the known facts about what the content should be original, the texts should be written for buyers, and the photos should be of high quality.

And the perception of shoppers is affected, and promotion, and conversion. In General, all. And dont think that the content will be “born” itself during development.

Is born. It is necessary to prepare in advance. It is better to have the ready material before coming to the Studio.

Now, in order that to prepare. The list, again, is not final. Text pages: About the company.

Checkout. Shipping. Return. Contract-offer. Discounts.

Contacts. Product catalog: The directory structure with sections and subsections. Text descriptions for topics.

Will be useful, including for promotion. Characteristics of the goods. Photos and videos. Text descriptions for items.

If you prepare content or its part in advance, the developer will be able to use it already at the stage of prototyping. Many studios give a discount on a project if the client comes to you with content. It can be used. Prices — solved and always will solve.

It will be good if you have pre-thought-out price policy taking into account the prices of suppliers and competitors. Namely: Make a document with a description of the pricing policy. This document will then assist the store Manager to quickly make a decision about the size of the discount, if it will be the deciding factor for the buyer when ordering.

You know that, but I remind you. If X add 50% and then from the resulting sum deduct 40%, the result can be less than the original X. Remember this when you give a discount.

If you work with VAT, make sure you speak about it. In our practice there was a case when one mention about VAT on agricultural spare parts increased flow of orders by almost half.

The speed of delivery and cost are very important factors in e-Commerce. It will be perfect if free shipping, is carried out in a single day at a convenient time for the customer, and the price of the product with the lowest on the market. And the goods of excellent quality, of course. However, in the real world have to do this:

To decide which regions will be delivered. Find out which transport company work with your desired regions. To study the conditions of each shipping company and their prices. Pay attention to the conditions if you have oversized or heavy cargo. If you sell shoes or clothing, you need to think about returns in the case when “the goods do not come in size”.

Some companies send several sizes, the buyer tries and collects any, and the rest are sent back. Consider the pricing policy for the delivery. Free shipping, free shipping from a certain order amount, shipping is calculated for every order. Decide how to inform customers about the movement order. Do you have a transport company such services.

How to take a room send. For example, “Mail of Russia” can give a number tracker not immediately, but after a day or two. The work is to produce a document describing the terms of delivery and return, which will be used later in the same section on the website.

Even if you have a warehouse storekeeper or salesman in the retail Department, which can fulfill its role, you need to decide the following points: Where to get boxes for packing, boxes what size is needed for different types of goods, how much they cost. Who and where will the packaging. Where and from whom the packer will take the supporting documents. How and who will deliver the goods to the transport company.

Who and what is to sheathe packages, for example in the delivery of “Mail of Russia” or EMS. To house the warehouse for packaging. Would you use the Scotch brand and how much it costs, or will cost Scotch brand “nouneym”. Whether to invest in the box promotional products (business cards, catalogs).

Do not forget to include the shipping price or mark-up in the formation of retail prices — the cost of packaging, the work of packer and courier (delivery to the transport company). From personal experience — there is the amount can be very large, in some cases eats the entire margin. As a result, you will have an understanding of the cost of delivery and work schedule for warehouse employee.

In our experience, many cases where the application site are coming, but the managers for some reason they do not work. Just because we dont know where they come. Is another reason the store is just not responsible. So prepare in advance to think through all the processes on the following list:

Successful registration on the website. Password recovery. Ordering information, order number, the further actions of the purchaser. Information about order statuses. Order received, order Packed, order shipped, order delivered to point of delivery, the order has been paid.

Some letters can be combined. In commercial CMS, for example “1C-Bitrix”, there are already templates for such letters, but they must be configured. About the texts, too, should take care in advance.

It will be great if you can automate work orders and be able to do without paper documents, filling in the electronic register. In practice it is quite difficult to implement, and of the supporting documents still need to print. To avoid confusion in orders, arrange them in folders, at the end of the month the fulfilled purchase orders move to archive.

Orders prepaid. Order processing — the order has been paid by the purchaser, transferred to the warehouse. Ordering in stock — order assembled, ready to be shipped.

Order shipped — the order has been placed to delivery received package number. Order completed — the buyer has received the goods and signed the receipt. Orders by post (courier cash on delivery).

Order in process — order confirmed by the buyer, transferred to the warehouse. Ordering in stock — order assembled, ready to be shipped. Order shipped — the order has been placed to delivery received package number. Order completed — the buyer received the goods, paid and signed the receipt.

Returns — the order is not received by the buyer, returned to the warehouse. Loss or damage — lost and damaged in transit orders.

Be careful with sending cash on delivery, especially in remote areas. It may happen that the buyer simply “went fishing” and get the parcel delivered commonplace no one. In this case, you will pay for shipping back and forth, but the money from the buyer will not see. Yes, even the goods get back to the warehouse only after a month or two.

In order to receive compensation from the shipping company for loss or damage of a parcel, be sure to insure the shipment for the full value of the goods, the cost of insurance is included in shipping cost. The item is not required to start development, but are very critical in the formation of the budget for development. Lets just say.

When you start flying the most beautiful website in the world, you will need to draw in visitors. And it can be done only through advertising, which costs money. You have read the first step and the last point was about the study of advertising competitors. Who does not understand about what this item or put it aside for later — now is the time to return to it.

Look at the lines in the search engines can find your competitors sites. If every website and in social networks you can see pictures and ads to the website of your competitors is also a result of the campaign. This means that you have to spend money on advertising.

And the more advertising space occupied, the more your field of competitors. This means that until you collect your army of loyal customers, you are doomed to spend a lot. Otherwise your website will go dormant — and well, if he has enough strength to rise due to SEO optimization.

The year after that. Of course, SEO companies tell stories about getting into the top 3 for the week on request “to buy the iPhone in Moscow”. But we with you people adults and understand that miracles do not happen. Therefore see where your competitors advertise and put the budget on advertising.

A preliminary assessment can be obtained from the company that will develop you site. I can even talk about spetsusloviya. Back to our giraffes.

In General in the world of electronic Commerce today, the competition is no softer than the one that occurs in nature. Therefore, the online store is not prepared for these 13 items is unlikely to reach the most succulent leaves at the top. Send columns, corresponding to the requirements of the editorial Board, [email protected]

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