“How To Punish? To Close The” Chapter Of Hungry Boys Accused Ruward In Unfair Ratings Advertising Agencies

Vladilen Sitnikov said on his page in Facebook that the methodology of the study raises doubts. The rating agencies complete digital service is based on five lists Ruward in various digital segments. Web development, mobile development, SEO, contextual advertising and SMM. The drafters of each list aggregate the results of local ratings.

In addition, representatives of the RAEC (Russian Association for electronic communications) give an additional rating agencies. Sitnikov also accused Terekhov is that he uses the names of well-known agencies (including Hungry Boys) in the ranking to increase the value of banner advertising on the website Ruward. The head of the Hungry Boys offered to participants of the market unite to “punish” Terekhov for “piracy”.

In the comments of a post Sitnikov explained that considers wrong that the rating was the Agency that did not agree to participate in it. As examples of a different approach, he spoke about the ratings, “Tagline”, AdIndex and ACAR, for participation in which agencies give their prior consent. In conversation with vc.ru Sitnikov said that he considers the rating “Tagline” most adequately reflecting the situation on the market. He also noted the transparency of the methodology AdIndex company is notifying our clients of agencies and asks them to evaluate the quality of service.

The problem of this method is that the advertiser may not respond. The basis for making a list of Ruward is the examination of market participants. “But who are these experts — no one knows,” explained Sitnikov in conversation.

Legal help I will have a Monday — yesterday, I decided to seek advice in the evening. I think the reason we find. Because Terekhov uses the rating of for sale, that is, uses brand names with their own benefits. For example do not need to go — there is just now and hanging paid placement Agency.

To understand the benefits of Ruward, need to find their price list. I think you can find it in webarchive they write, all advertising space sold in the section about advertising. This is his benefit. How do you plan to punish.

Close. I dont care that no twenty Hungry Boys, I care about what actually goes rating, which is preposterous. The questions that occurred to me — these are issues of common sense. Also in the conversation vc.ru Sitnikov said that, in his opinion, the market is puzzling, when the Agencys international clients and those who provide only a part of the digital services included in the ranking “digital services of a full cycle”. Chapter Ruward Andrei Terekhov, responsible for the rankings, responded to statements Sitnikov publication on his page in Facebook:

Edition vc.ru asked today whether Ruward to change the method, which causes distrust among some market participants. Scandal Vladilen has already started. I have focused on ratings in the digital market for more than ten years (since the founding of the “Tagline”), and we got used to the fact that some participants of the charts is unhappy with their position. We always listen to reasonable arguments, but on pure emotion, there is little to answer meaningful.

Im not a lawyer, but in the field it seems to me that the claim of Vlad not much chances. Our method transparent, the data is taken from open sources, and I dont see any reason to ban mention of individual agencies on a random site on the Internet. On the topic of ratings is always very easy to find a lot of unhappy — for obvious reasons.

Our method (the only one on the market) is completely transparent, anyone can verify the correctness of the placement of points in any our rating. The consideration of many factors (method of aggregation of other local tops market) allows you to build integrated, sustainable to wrapping slices. We will not significantly change the mechanics of our ratings in the near future. Especially for a pair of emotional cries.

Our ratings of popular, bring to the agencies participating in new clients, serve as a clear tool to assess digital market. If they were as bad as Vlad says, we would have just went bankrupt. Our income depends on our ratings relevant actual market situation. How good they are, speaking in plain language.

If the rating is not included a large number of real leaders, of course, this will have an impact on quality and subsequently on our income. Because to sell advertising for a bad product more difficult than on a good. We do not practice self-erase companies from our ratings. At least because results based on aggregating data from other local charts.

We are in the plan “mirror the market”. If someone delete his / her own will, the picture will cease to be impartial. Ruward produces ratings for nearly four years – and yet we are none of them deleted. Although unhappy there and always will be, so we have a subject area.

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