How To Receive Orders From The Internet.

Lets say you have recently entered the market or forced to cut the budget on advertising. To navigate and must regroup quickly — customers have not gone away, but now we need to find the most effective ways to attract them. Today, about them and speech will go. The subject of SEO and contextual advertising to raise wont stay in less expensive ways, in terms of time and money.

Community should have in one day with the launch of the website. We are not talking about immediate sales when you suddenly decided to “tighten the belt”, but if keeping groups active, they will bring orders. Customers unsubscribe in the comments under a photo in Instagram, requiring you to contact them for purchase; ask questions on the wall of the group “Vkontakte”; write a personal message to the Manager of the company on Facebook. When you have a website, social media groups and developed community orders coming from multiple sources. Secure them all and be sure to read “5 social networks that will bring you customers in 2017”.

Today, the way to tell about the product and the store are still in trend. You can find bloggers with a good audience in Instagram or Facebook, book mention in the video on the YouTube channel, and its not always a large amount. The main thing — to give enough attention to the study of the site and those it tracks, otherwise it will be weird to try to sell the pump to account for motorists only if the author has suddenly decided to become a parent. Not all, but only those who are still alive.

Usually its a female and “Maska” theme, cars, real estate, tourism, travel. If competently to provide information on the store can be added to transitions a few years, and as a result, orders. These resources have long ceased to be simple “buy-sell”. Many stores have their offices and advantageously exhibit the range.

Experienced owners of Internet stores and all recommend the first thing to post and promote here the announcement. Examples of Bulletin boards. Avito, “hand in hand”, “Cupidity”, “Yula”, etc. Those Bulletin boards, but certain topics, for example, devoted only to real estate, vehicles, taxi, catering, beauty salons etc.

Sites that collected offers of the online stores with a price and the opportunity to go to the website to order. It is usually mixed on the subject of resources, although there are several niche — gadgets and household appliances. Price-aggregators, which we recommend to pay attention. “Yandex.Market”, Wikimart, Nadavi, MobiGuru, TechGuru, PoiskPodbor, Aport, Sravni, MixMarket. Similar to price-aggregators, but fundamentally differ in that the user can order directly on the website where you see the offer, especially without having to go to your website.

Full list of marketplace is here. Example Of “Poliscan”: Great if in your area there is a niche marketplace. As an example, “Fair masters” for those who make jewelry, toys, clothes with his own hands, although here are enough great producers and shops:

Those who are looking for products and eager to save, first go to the website with the discount coupons. Offers a lot, but here you have still less competition, especially with a really attractive offer. Sites with coupons a lot, so you should choose the most famous and large — Biglion, Kuponator, Kupikupon, Kupon.

Have their audience and offer on his behalf a partial (30%) refund of the money spent in your online store. The service receives a Commission, and you — the client. Moreover, consider only committed transaction, you only pay for actual purchase. This model is called CPA. She works through not only cashback, but also in the networks to accommodate Internet advertising (CityAds, Admitad, Myragon, etc.).

Examples of cashback services. Kopikot, Cashback, Cash4brands, Maximani, etc. If appropriate and possible, write useful material concerning your product and complete in pdf format.

Open pressing customer problem and offer a solution for free. It is possible to receive request e-mail address in the future to use it to send special offers. In each case, your website will or necessary attribute, or the trust factor from the customers. Well, about how and where to get orders, we told.

But what about the category of users who are now at the zero point, does not yet have an online storefront to conduct their experiments to attract customers and increase sales. Aliexpress promise will not, but will recommend a few methods that will allow quickly and inexpensively to cope with the task. So: Website Builder.

This method though, leaves some doubt, however, to make the owners of such online shops could very well. That is worth paying attention to. Wix, MotoCMS 3 shops, InSales, Ecwid. WordPress store and other free engines.

The fact that WordPress has long parted with the glory of exclusively blogging system, known. However, there are plenty of other free engines, sharpened by the creation of online shops. This includes PrestaShop, WooCommerce, OpenCart, Magento etc. A rule, the technical support works. To learn how to work in e-commerce or to be able to offer your services, you can participate in a special themed webinars.

One of these events will take place may 11. On these webinars, you can find answers to questions, it is educational and informative.

Whatever the situation, the orders are always there, you just have to know where to find them. I will give it a little time, improve the website and the service and sales growth will not keep you waiting. Promise new materials to share ideas for attracting clients.

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