How to save and earn on the currency exchange

Go to any Bank to the exchanger and look at the difference between the numbers of buy and sell currency. Even now, in relatively peaceful times, it will be a minimum of 1.5-2 rubles. If you change currency in this way, you will automatically lose 1 to 1.5% of the amount of exchange. Its in Moscow, and in St. Petersburg in many exchanges with you again I will try to take a Commission.

If the ruble will zestoret again, as in December or in August, the difference of courses of buying and selling can easily jump to 10 roubles, and in especially shameless exchanges — and up to 30. The real price of the dollar, the Euro or the British pound is somewhere in the middle. Banks act as intermediaries.

Buy currency on the Moscow stock exchange, doing their mark-up and exchange cash citizens. Few people know, but since 2012, both companies and individuals can save a lot of money, by purchasing or selling currency on the stock exchange themselves. Well, almost by themselves.

Moscow exchange does not work directly with individuals. You will need a broker. It will also take money for services, but the margins will be minimal because the broker is not a mediator, but rather customer service. How about the difference between booking the hotel through a travel Agency and a special website. For example, according to statistics from the company “BCS Broker”, the average Commission — 0,013% of the amount of exchange.

At the end of the article I will give an example of two deals this month. Registration, account opening and installing the software for trading, the most brokers free. For the contract only passport is required. You can request for an account on the website and can come to the office.

Life hack. Do not confuse. I must say that you want to trade currencies (it can be understood as a request to connect to the OTC Forex market), and “open a brokerage account for trading in the currency section of the Moscow exchange”.

Stock prices are constantly changing. We should wait for the most interesting from your point of view quotes and apply online for purchase. Or put your price in the application and wait for the quote it will compared. This can be done via a program on your computer (usually the trading terminal QUIK), and by phone.

The minimum lot size is 1000 currency units. That is, if you want to buy 10 000 dollars, the lot should look like “10”. Driving in reverie “10 000”, you risk to move the entire market. This is a request for $ 10 million.

Retail customers on the Moscow exchange are most interested in two types of instruments. Is to buy the currency that you will receive today (USDRUB_TOD and EURRUB_TOD, where TOD stands for “today”), and buy when the currency youll deliver on the next business day (and EURRUB_TOM USDRUB_TOM, where TOM is “tomorrow”). These courses may be slightly different, so if a day or two does not play a role for you, you should choose the most advantageous offer, even if it is just TOM, though TOD.

Life hack. There are times when time is really money. Tool TOD (delivery today) in dollars is traded from 10:00 to 17:15 Moscow time, and in Euro — up to 15:00.

After that you can only buy TOM traded from 10:00 to 23:50, but getting money is only possible the next day. To enter money on the stock account in two ways. The first is the old fashioned way to bring cash to the ticket office of a broker (the “Broker BCS”, for example, recharge free, offices across Russia). But one of the advantages of using a broker there is no need to run around the city with a large sum of cash.

You can not leave home to make an interbank transfer. However, your Bank may take a Commission of up to 1%. And it might not take. Life hack.

To choose the right Bank, hammers search engine “cheap interbank transfer 2015”. You can find banks that charge a payment of 10 rubles, you can find those that do it for free, and you can open a Bank account broker.

The opportunity to exchange currency on the exchange attracts more and more participants. In 2014 the number of registered customers currency section of the Moscow exchange grew 4.5 times, from 46 000 to 210 000. Among them a large proportion of individuals, that is, ordinary people like us. Of scale and exchange, and the broker keeps the fee low.

Remember the story of how the scammers rented a currency exchange, waited for a volunteer to change 6 million rubles and fled with his money. In the case of trading fraud is impossible in principle. The Central Bank is closely monitoring the activities of the exchange members, and for their reputation. “BCS Broker”, for example, 20 years of irreproachable work in the financial market and maximum reliability rating of AAA.

To get money exchanged in just three hours. Or cash in the office or on the Bank account. Life hack.

It is most advantageous to open an account in BCB Bank and withdraw money from it, not to pay the fee for interbank transfer. Especially good trade directly on the exchange when you buy/sell the currency or you need to convert a large amount (for example, to mortgage). The difference in the rate on the ridiculous like the amount of 50 cents gives the benefit of 5 000 roubles for every $10 000.

Below is an example of a purchase of $5000 held at noon on 18 September 2015, and the calculation of how much it would cost in exchange. All expenses for this operation at the rate of “Internet-Bank” subject to a fee of 25 rubles per application of less than 50 lots were 202 ruble. Total saving compared to average rate of exchange — 3 236 rubles.

To buy foreign currency directly on the exchange not only profitable, but also convenient. Balancere asking the pros and cons. First, the first purchase will be more difficult hike to the exchanger. It is necessary to adjust the process.

To install the system and understand it, to sign a contract for brokerage services.. But the following exchanges can be done from home with just a few clicks. Secondly, since the exchange before receiving the money will be held for three hours. But the advantages of buying on the exchange outweigh any disadvantages.

First, this is a substantial savings. Secondly, online transactions are clearly more comfortable traveling around the city with large sums of money. In the Internet there are no traffic jams, no queues, and the security of the transaction is guaranteed by rules and broker, and the Moscow exchange and the Central Bank.

Third, the exchange deals are made not only with dollars and euros, but other currencies that not every exchanger will find. Finally, the exchange can be performed from any point on the globe where there is Internet or at least telephone communication. LLC “BCS Company”. License of professional participant of securities market to carry out broker activity No. 154-04434-100000, issued by FSFM 10.01.2001 (without expiration date).

National rating Agency has assigned the company “Company BKS” individual rating at AAA level (maximum reliability). Confirmed 12.04.2013. Available on Way of Commission not subject.

The fee for withdrawals in foreign currency is 0,0708% (for amounts up to 300 million in ruble equivalent) 0,0295% (for amounts from 300 million to 1 billion in ruble equivalent), 0,01416% (for amounts over 1 billion in ruble equivalent). For withdrawals to the accounts in all banks (except for OJSC “BCS Bank”) by the customer in addition to the above tariff is paid for conclusion of foreign currency at the rates of OJSC “BCS Bank”. 15 US dollars (USD) or 30 Euro (for Euro). Service is provided by OJSC “BCS Bank”, General license of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation No. 101 dated 15.12.2014 g.

Weighted average tariff “BCS – Currency start”. For amounts of less than 3 million rubles the Commission is 0,034%, from 3 million to 5 million rubles – 0,028%, from 5 million to 10 million rubles – 0,022%, from 10 million to 25 million rubles – 0,0055%, from 25 million to 50 million rubles – 0,0045%, from 50 million to 100 million rubles – 0,0035%, from 100 million rubles to 200 million rubles – 0, 0025%, more than 200 million rubles – 0,002% (VAT not included).


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