How Ukrainian Online Store Got 90% Of Traffic From Social Networks Using YouTube

F. ua is one of the largest Ukrainian Internet-shops of home appliances, electronics and other goods, including automotive products, baby products, health products, sports, tourism and other. One of the three leading online sellers of home appliances and electronics, according to the study of the Ukrainian Association of direct marketing. The proportion of the store, in the total amount of Internet sales in Ukraine in 2015 closer to 7%. On about 90% of traffic from social networks generates YouTube. Any other online store that we studied, there are no such indicators (according to SimilarWeb, in early September, 2016):

We have six YouTube channels with a total of 550 thousand subscribers. More only 400 thousand of channel on various devices. YouTube itself does not give a very high conversion less than 2%. But involved in the chain of conversions, when the buyer, before you buy the product, watched about it on YouTube. The channel was launched in 2009 — just to solve the problem with storage of videos to card catalog.

Did not expect such a large-scale indicators. The changes were based on analytical data, feedback from subscribers. Using SimilarWeb, Google Analytics and our internal stats. On over 13% of traffic comes from social networks. Of the 13% — about 90% are on YouTube, followed by “Vkontakte” (7.8%), and Facebook (1,7%).

For comparison. In the largest Ukrainian Internet-shop 20% of social traffic YouTube generates. On the international eBay marketplace — 21%, in the Russian version AliExpress — 19%: In September 2016 the number of subscribers on our main channel — “ — about devices in understandable language” — has exceeded 400 thousand people and the number of hits approached 100 million. When we started the YouTube channel in 2009, it was not going to create something Grand.

We just needed to solve the problem with storage of videos to the card catalog. There were two options. Either store them on your site or somewhere else. Chose the option “somewhere else”. Started with the rollers provided by the manufacturers themselves.

And then almost immediately faced with a language problem. Even those videos that have been translated into Russian, was not adapted to our market. I recall that 5-7 years ago, there was almost no Russian-speaking help, specializing in trade. So first we have to translate the surveys taken by American bloggers. But pretty soon we started to shoot videos yourself.

To say that we had some kind of long-term strategy to promote in YouTube, it would be wrong. We operated by the method of trial and error. On the one hand, bad that it was not systematic, on the other — we were very mobile and flexible. Tried different options on the go, and if it didnt work — switched to a new idea. We quickly became obsessed with it, so started paying YouTube channels more and more attention.

Set up his own small Studio. Removed on my channel all the videos on extraneous issues. Refused the advertisement of the American and Chinese online stores on the channel. Since our audience is more interested in gaming devices, we focused on this topic and on related goods. Everything else was moved to other channels in order not to distract users.

In 2013, we segmented the channels on the topics. Soup, vegetarian cooking, simple recipes, ideas for a style life hacks and reviews of products. We now have six channels: The main for us is a channel of devices. Expect people good looking recipes and “life hacks”.

Well, and passion for a healthy lifestyle (HLS) gives the inflow of visitors. We are not chasing high traffic, neither before, nor now. We have a very small budget for promotion of our channels. In 2016, we spent about $200. A very modest amount, but we see no point to invest more or to attract to the channel of the stars help.

After all, our target audience is the Ukrainian buyers, and now their share in the total volume of traffic — 20-30%. In Russia, these figures are higher there will be 30-40% of Russians, but still less than half the traffic. Who has the sense to struggle for growth, so it is the shops which deliver worldwide. And so it is necessary to monetize the “extra” traffic but while this model is not), or simply “pop off” the budgets for promotion.

In our video review Department employs 15 people. Three leading, editor, photographer, designers and marketers. There are three small Studio. Trying to get the videos prepared, those who are well versed in the subject, and to whom this topic is interesting, otherwise it will be boring and depressing. Fortunately, we have on channel three so there is a substitute.

The clip duration is in the range of 3-7 minutes, depending on the complexity and familiarity of the goods. In addition to the rollers on a particular product, we are preparing the surveys for 10-15 minutes. For example, a review on mechanical keyboards (mostly all use membrane and mechanical — desired gamers). The cost of one video (including equipment rental, “man-hours” and so on) — $200. Video conversion with YouTube is not very big — less than 2%.

However, in the chain of conversion it is an important link. Simply put, it is rare that a user watched a video about a device and immediately rushed to buy it (it happens in less than 2% of cases). Often the user is watching a video, comes to other sites, compares prices and terms, and then goes on and makes a purchase (it happens in 8% of cases). I have already mentioned that our channel exists since 2009. During these seven years we managed to gather a collection of “hacks”.

For example, in 2015 we have moved to a new domain. With on Of course, you have any questions. “What will happen to those videos that are “tied up” under Not if Google will remove those quotes?” Conducted a series of experiments on different channels and found that one channel can be linked to not one but multiple sites.

That is, the change of the domain is generally not a problem for YouTube channel. A couple of times we accidentally deleted the videos. Good that the videos were made in the playlist and the identifier. Because of this we quickly managed to restore it. So I advise you to carefully approach not only to the shooting, but also to the location of the video on the channel.

Some hacks have grown into our own applications together with the idea of “Clever”: All these apps are designed for Chrome, and free download. By the way, on our channel — about devices in clear language” we tell not only about devices but also about how to simplify the work with YouTube, including using our apps. Feedback from our subscribers is positive, that is, they are really useful and our “hacks”. Today the channel has not yet reached the breakeven point, but we are moving in that direction.

We are trying new formats. First of all, the format of the news and streams. Weve already had several streams, and I confess that we did not expect them so good “will drop”. Will also continue to develop its other channels. Now we have good growing channel with lifehacks have a motivated team that is fun to shoot and look for new ideas for hacks.

On the channel “Browse wishes” (here we publish videos about new products) is not so much subscribers, but the number of hits 4 million. So here too there is potential. Today YouTube is the most popular channel among the shops, and in our case turned out to be the most effective.

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