HR Principles Google: As The Company Has The Opportunity To Give Each Other Leave Days

“Googles policy regarding vacations roughly coincides with the principles that apply in other major technology companies. Employees who work in the company from one to three years, can get 15 days of vacation. Workers with experience of four to five years receive 20 days of vacation. Has worked in the company for over six years, employees receive 25 vacation days a year,” writes Business Insider.

However, notes the edition, the company adopted the same practice, which is not in other organizations the workers can pass each other their vacation days. “This opportunity from Google employees appeared a few years ago. One of the workers fell ill parent, and he took leave to take care of him. However, the paid leave ended, and the situation has not improved. The employee had to return to work or take unpaid leave, ” says the editor of Business Insider.

His colleagues, knowing about the plight of the employee who requested the leadership to convey to the employee their own unused vacation days”. Since then employees can pass several days of your holiday other employees, if they need them. This practice told the head of HR direction Google Laszlo Bock during one of his speeches. “Most interesting is that this idea came not from leaders, but from the employees themselves,” he notes.

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