Hushme €? Wireless Headset For Private Conversations

The device from Ukrainian developers blocks the owners voice so that he hears only the source. Hushme — wireless headset, which allows the smartphone owner to protect their telephone conversations from prying ears. The device is mounted on the face of the wearer and block the spread of sound — what he says, only hear the interlocutor.

In the “passive” voice masking device that blocks the sound silently and inaudible to others. Mask is also equipped with outdoor speakers that can transmit the owners voice and to adjust his sound. Dynamics are also used in the “active” deception — the device broadcasts a conversation deafening sounds. For example, the sound of rain or the sea.

When the headset is not being used for conversations, it can act as wireless headphones. Now a team of developers from Ukraine collects funds to start production on crowdfunding site Kickstarter. The initial cost of the headset on Kickstarter is $129.

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