“I Heard From Colleagues That They Get Injured, But Im Afraid To Report It”

The publication “Ideologica” published a translation of the open letter of the employee of the Tesla factory Jose Moran (Moran Jose). He is in his blog on Medium complained to the head of the company Elon musk and gave him some advice for the organization of labor. I am proud to be part of the team that carries the eco-friendly cars to the masses. Having worked on the production of Tesla in Fairmont the past four years, I am convinced that Tesla is one of the most innovative companies in the world. We work hard to create a car №1 is not only electric, but in General the best.

But, unfortunately, sometimes I feel that working in the company of the future in terms of the past. Most of my 5000 colleagues honestly work more than 40 hours per week, including mandatory overtime. Heavy manual labor necessary for the success of Tesla, poses serious risks to our body. Often injuries that could have been avoided. In addition to a long working day, there are ergonomic incompatibility of machines, with man.

Have to make too many extra movements to do the work, but all of this could have been much simpler if the employees listened. Add a labor shortage and constant demands to work faster, and injuries become inevitable. A few months ago six of the eight people on my team got sick at the same time due to various injuries. I heard of problems in other departments even more serious. And the worst part is that I heard from my colleagues, they get injured, but Im afraid to report it, so as not to seem to guide the whiners or poor workers.

However, many of my colleagues who say they are fed up with overtime at the plant, financial survive only through overtime. After all, despite the fact that the cost of living in the Bay area one of the highest in the country, salaries in the Tesla — one of the lowest in the automotive industry. Most of the workers on the production Tesla earn from $17 to $21 per hour. The average salary of workers of the automotive industry in the country is $25, and 58 per hour, despite the fact that they live in less expensive regions. Minimum wage in Alameda County, where we work, is more than $28 per hour for adult and one child (I have two of them).

Many of my colleagues spend 1-2 hours on the road before and after these long shifts, because I cant afford to live closer to the plant. Working 60-70 hours a week for four years, the company leads not only to fatigue but also creates loyalty. I spent a lot of time and sacrificed some part of family life, to help Tesla achieve success. I believe in the ideology of our company. I want to make it better.

I think our management team will agree that the plant is not functioning as it could, but the managers still underestimate the opinion of the staff. For a company as large as ours, a policy of “open doors” just cant be a solution to the problem. We need better organization of work at the factory, and I, like many of my colleagues, I believe that we can achieve this, objedives and forming a Union. Many of us talked about it and even went to the Union workers of UAW (United Automobile Workers, UAW) support. The company started to respond.

In November we were offered a increase to the base wage — the first in a very long time. But at the same time, the actions of the leadership reinforce the fears of workers regarding public statements. Recently, all employees were obliged to sign a privacy policy, which provides for certain consequences if we use our right to speak out about wages and working conditions. Fortunately, five members of the legislative Assembly of the state of California wrote a letter to Tesla, which has called into question this policy and urged to abandon her. Im glad someone defends the rights of workers Tesla, and we need to stand up for themselves.

The problems lie much deeper than just fair wages. Injuries, low morale, unfair enhancement, high staff turnover and other issues do not just concern the workers, all this also affects the quality and speed of production. These problems cannot be solved without our right to vote and participate in the process. Tesla is no longer a startup, this is a durable and sustainable company. And workers ready to help the company become more successful, become a better place to work.

I hope that CEO Elon Musk will be able to protect your employees as it protects the clean energy and innovation. The more my colleagues talking about it, the sooner I hope we can start a productive conversation about building a fair future for all who work for Tesla. Elon Musk commented on the Gizmodo letter Moran. According to him, the policy was aimed at combating leaks, processing constantly decreasing, and zavalnia is campaigning UAW. “I believe this attack is morally outrageous.

Tesla was the last car company in California, because local costs are too high. The UAW has destroyed [car company] Nummi,” said he. Gizmodo notes that the journalists had failed to find in social networks a Tesla employee by the name of Jose Moran. Related articles:

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