“I Think We Will Be Able To Become The Second Player In The United States After Uber, Lyft Ahead”

The tracks deal with Gettaxi founders of a startup Juno Igor Magazinnik and Talmon Marco gave an interview dev.by. April 26, service to order a taxi Gettaxi announced the acquisition of Juno, a similar startup founders Viber with development center in Minsk.

The creators of the service explained why appearing in media of the transaction amount is not completely accurate, what changes are expected in the Belarusian developers and when rival Uber coming to Minsk. When and why did you decide to make a deal with Gett. And why with them?.

Talmon Marco (T. The negotiations lasted several months. Why Gett, and not anyone else.

They have what we need, and we have what you need. Great product and reputation that will help to move relatively quickly “into” USA. So it was the best party.

It is believed that you sold the Juno too fast and too cheap. Freedom of speech and expression is one of the most important democratic freedoms.

Juno, like our previous projects, is not a story about the pursuit of long dollar. First we take the decisions that will benefit the business. Our business needed this deal here and now to grow much faster, to explore new territory.

Igor Magazinnik (And. By the way, what is written in various publications about the conditions of the transaction, is not true.

However, TechCrunch refers directly to Dave Karpov, the founder of Gettaxi, claiming $200 million.

According to the contract, we cannot comment on these terms and call numbers. I can only say that the transaction is not cash and cannot be called “exit”. It is rather a partnership. The result is a new, more powerful player who will develop and Juno, and Gett.

This is the point of the transaction. It allows us to grow rapidly in a very capital-intensive and highly competitive market, without wasting time.

You said you are going to do something potentially bigger and more than Viber. At the time of the transaction can hardly say that it was “cooler and more”. Dont you feel disappointed?.

Viber is Viber, and Juno is Juno. In both cases there is something to be proud of, agree. In the story of Juno we have received its share of the highly competitive new York market in a very short time.

This is not the end but the beginning. Just the next step in the life cycle of the company, which will continue to move to scheduled for launch purposes.

And what are the goals now, after the transaction.

I think we will be able to become the second player in the United States after Uber, Lyft ahead. New York was a testing ground, to break technology and marketing strategy, effective and not. We have studied the materiel, and now its time to go from city to city.

In partnership with Gett Juno will focus on the US market and possibly North America, whereas Gett will continue expanding in European markets.

At the start you gave to the Belarusian staff options. How many team members will become millionaires at the end of the transaction?.

Again, this is not the kind of deal that will make someone a millionaire now. While we just continue to move towards a common goal along with Gett. What awaits the Minsk office of. Reduction or growth.

The Minsk office will definitely benefit as a result of this transaction.

We will certainly increase the team. And the team shares this positive spirit. What was your reaction to the news those who were not aware of the negotiations with Gettaxi?.

The reaction is generally positive. Why our people come every day to the office in Minsk or in other cities.

Because they enjoy what you do. In this sense, nothing changes. We continue to be Juno and to do what we like. Only now we have more resources.

And the goals and objectives of the Minsk office deal will have any major impact?. No.

If you dont count the fact that we will be able to unpause a task that lacked resources. Alexander Lukashenko recently announced that it expects to attract to Minsk international it company. Dont want to bring Gettaxi?.

We really think about it. First I want to bring representatives Gett in Belarus and to show them the local opportunities for it companies.

We have two major trump card. Previous successful experience with Viber, and preferential treatment of the HTP (HTP — vc.ru). I think, it will interest them the opportunity to open a branch in Minsk. This week Im meeting with the Director of the HTP Vsevolod by Ancevski, I want to discuss the prospects of Juno and Gett in Belarus.

We are talking about the development office. What about Juno and Gett as a service. In Minsk “to kill Uber”, may not be as difficult as internationally. The last time the public quite a lot of claims to this service.

I dont know whether we have the resources to launch Juno in Minsk.

Alexey Minkevich (the head of the team of the Minsk office of the Juno Lab vc.ru) recently wrote in his Facebook. “Really, really want to start in Minsk. Difficult to work on the product, not being able to use it. Now this is not the law, but the projects that will allow the platforms to take the money from the customer and pass them to the contractor, already in the works (silent cheers). See”.

Is not there a hint that would need laws, and resources?. While it is possible to tell only one.

Its really hard to develop a product that cant test as a regular user. Dave weißer was amazed that we make a product that cant use (not counting employees in new York).

Drew a parallel with Beethoven, who wrote music while being deaf. It is associated with many difficulties. Yes, we could launch a pilot project Juno in Minsk, but this would require serious resources.

You went from Viber, a year after a deal with Rakuten. In the current release of the vaguely announced that you are to “lead the development of a joint service in the United States and to contribute to other global efforts”. Can you be more specific. What are the plans for the next two years.

We planned next week with work. Two years is like something really quite ambitious.

I can say one thing. We remain and will continue to develop Juno.

Cant say where well be in two years or in 10 years. More importantly, where we are today. At the point where you can make Juno better, more, faster.

The only thing that will change for us with Telmanom. We dont have to spend a huge amount of time looking for funding.

Its very, very capital-intensive business. Finally we can concentrate on the job. After the sale of Viber you said you could afford to lie on the beach and have fun, but you like to build companies.

Beach time still not come?. After this transaction, I would allow a little vacation on the beach with a laptop and a phone.

Maybe even at the Minsk sea. Indeed, in Minsk a great summer. However, the other 363 days of so-so. Three of the five largest services of online taxi in new York city have Israeli roots.

Why Israel appears so successful services of this kind?. Via, Gett, Juno — neither of these companies is not really Israeli, if you look.

Look at Juno, shes global. Not Israeli, not American, not Belarusian — global. We have offices in three countries, and each of them is doing important work for the common cause.

Israel, like Belarus, a small country with a small local market. In such circumstances, want to develop global projects. Therefore, the majority of Israelis wants to build a business on an international scale, and the majority of our startups is tuned for it.

In this sense, is interesting to observe Belarus, she reminds Israel 10-15 years ago.


Potential. A small country, a large number of brilliant engineering brains with experience in international companies, with deep expertise — even if we are talking about outsourcing. This is fertile ground to there are more and more startups are threatening global markets.

As the advent of technology the autopilot will change the future ridderikhoff companies. What would you say to concerned drivers on this account. Shares, which they offered to Juno, and is now going to offer a Gett, somehow compensate them upcoming unemployment?.

Technology will come, no doubt. This is not to say that it will turn rapidsharegay business on its head. From the perspective of a taxi passenger, and are now “self-governing”. Theyre going without a client.

This principle will continue with the autopilot. The business will be arranged very similar. What can I say drivers.

You should not consider this profession as a “lifework”. But I would say it is not only drivers. Todays 25-year-old, will likely have to be a “multi-professional” life. Changes are inevitable and they will happen everywhere, will affect many professions. Maybe next time we will be interviewing recording robot journalist.

Photo. Andrew Davydchik, dev.by.

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