“I Want To Close The Subject”: What Is Said And Not Said Ex-head Of “Beeline” Mikhail Slobodin In Response To The Criminal Case Against Him

13 March 2017 former CEO of “Beeline” Mikhail Slobodin for the first time in six months publicly voiced after he was accused of paying bribes to the government of the Republic of Komi at a time when he was head of energy company “T Plus”. The answer, consisting of three parts, he expressed his opinion about the case. Accused journalists of distorting the data about how he left Russia. The entrepreneur has criticized the article on Life that he had hastily left the country after a warning from a source in power structures.

According to him, before the first searches in “Renove” (parent company “T-Plus”) he flew to a meeting of top managers of Vimpelcom group, which all participants knew in advance. Slobodin insists that there is no haste in his departure was not — on the contrary, he is for three days prior to the flight asked to change the tickets for a direct flight to nice, to the departure from Moscow was later than it was planned in advance. This Monday morning, I eat Breakfast, once again received a claim from his infinitely lovely wife that I left on the ninth month of pregnancy and going on a business trip. I am assured that this is the last time, and that this event, which I for three years have never passed and which need to be.

Quietly went to the airport, taking with him a small (for three days) suitcase and rather worrying about the state of his wife than anything else in this world. But all the events that began to flourish in the next few hours, I learned when it arrived in nice in the area of 13-14 hours in Moscow. Refused to accept the connection with the Deputy head of the Ministry of interior GUEB Dmitry Zakharchenko. The entrepreneur rejected the version of the source of “Interfax”, who said that Zakharchenko (he was detained on suspicion of corruption, he found values and the currency by about 70 million rubles — approx.

Ed.) slobodina warned about the rapid development vs entrepreneur. “On the existence of Colonel Zakharchenko I learned together with the whole country. From the news,” wrote Slobodin. Denied the existence of “stolen and taken abroad millions”.

According to the businessman, all his accumulations were formed while working in the private sector when he received a “big salary”. Investment in foreign assets, he explained that the economic situation in Russia does not give the necessary protection and reasonable returns. I earned good money, which could afford much more than he had. Six cars, discovered Life is all the cars that Ive owned over the past fifteen years. For the management of big business, generating big money to shareholders and associated with a huge burden and responsibility, pay good money. But compared to the salary of Igor Ivanovich [Sechin], believe me, it is mere pennies.

Said the lack of credible evidence in the case. According to slobodina, the prosecution in all the time since the first searches were unable to prove that he has collected criminal group as “T Plus”, which paid bribes to the government of the Komi Republic for the support of the best of the companys tariffs for heat and electricity. In the second part of the story he cited statistics on tariffs in the region and said that all the installed “T Plus” rates were on average.

According to him, in Komi “T Plus” were losing money due to the fact that the rates were at market level, however, not all consumers will pay. After the arrest of the leadership of the region in 2015 and the arrival of new regulators of tariffs, which the investigators believe are too high, not decreased, said Slobodin. Marked corrupt motive in the form of higher tariffs on electric and thermal energy, is neither confirmed by objective facts or the real actions and decisions of the updated regional power.

Rejected the bribery of the authorities of the Komi Republic. According to the investigation, Slobodin and other suspects in the case (the head of the “T Plus” Boris Vajnziher and managing Director of the holding “Renova” Yevhen olkhovyk) in total were given bribes to the authorities of Komi in the amount of about 800 million rubles in cash, stock and payments to charity. The entrepreneur rejects it, explaining that the charity projects the company conducted on its own initiative, the transfer of shares of the subsidiary company “T Plus” was the partnership, and the cash payment was not. Transmission no cash any officials in the Komi Republic was not. How to prove it. Dont know.

This is to prove that youre not eating meat eight years ago. Accused the consequence in self-promotion at the expense of the case. The entrepreneur believes that the whole thing is “part of a large pre-election PR-campaign to combat corruption and restoring order in the country”. Approval of the investigation of bribery, high tariffs, and the criminal group are designed to cause dissatisfaction of the society and carry political overtones, he said.

In principle, arrest me at the border at the border control at Sheremetyevo airport at around 9 a.m. was allowed to keep the entire operation secret. I have the “detention” even thoughts and hypotheses at the time would not be. This allowed quietly to carry out all activities in the office of “Renova”. But those who presided in the case of energy, judged otherwise. A man who fled abroad, gives more opportunities for PR.

Refused to return to Russia while he faces immediate imprisonment. According to him, he did expect to return from a business trip and deal with the matter as promised to “Vedomosti”, but eventually changed his mind and decided to stay. Slobodin considers that in Russia it is “closed” in jail and lose the opportunity to defend themselves, and to help relatives. What do you think how many times my lawyer had asked for to get my readings.

Zero. Nobody is interested in my testimony. Because they contradict the official version. I will not reveal secrets that the freedom to defend themselves easier. And not only themselves. What I actually do.

And it is my right. Who initiated the case against him and his partners. Slobodin said that he has his own version of events, based on a “logic system”, but he decided to keep it to yourself. “Time will put everything in its place. We all are living in an era when it is increasingly difficult to hide the truth.

The world is becoming more transparent. You can slow down, but its impossible to stop. Someday we will know the truth about this history,” he wrote. Where he is now.

“I am a citizen of the Russian Federation. I have one nationality. Everything else only applies to me and my family. I do not consider it appropriate to give a more detailed answer. Moreover, I do not see any significant meaning for those interested in this issue,” said Slobodin.

That will do in the future and what lives. Have Slobodin has a diploma of the economic faculty of the Ural state University name And. Gorky, the degree of candidate of technical Sciences and a certificate of completion MBA from IEDC Bled School of Management. What means the life he has and how long might not work, he explained.

With this said, he “discovered for themselves the charm of leisurely walking in the Park and moving around on the bike was much more to communicate with family” and again began to prepare.

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