I2crm €? Service To Integrate Instagram With CRM-systems

Today in the category of “Startups” — service i2crm that exports of Instagram comments and personal messages and allows to reply to them directly from the CRM company. Pass the MIC.

My name is Zakhar Bushuev, Im 28 years old. I represent the service i2crm — Instagram integration with CRM-systems. Our product automatically sends comments and private messages from Instagram in CRM and allows you to respond to users directly from the system. Now the service launched to a wider audience, we collect feedback and make improvements.

Each team of three people. We are classmates, we graduated from College in 2010. For about four years together we earn development sites and. A year ago I realized that to deal with orders that can execute thousands of other teams, not so promising, so decided to develop their own product.

A large part of the year was devoted to selection “gold mine”. Was looking for an idea which will be the most important. In the end, I came to the conclusion that we need to implement some simple functionality and chose the direction that will help businesses not to lose customers in Instagram.

Thanks to the extensive experience in the development of the investment it took us only personal time. The creation of service lasted three months — from mid-November until the end of December. I2crm is designed for companies promoting goods and services in Instagram.

In real time it monitors all the private messages and comments in the profile (one or several) and passes them to the CRM system. Now the service is connected to retailCRM, “Bitrix24”, amoCRM and easily adaptable to any other CRM by the customer. We believe that our service is suitable for almost any business. Track all the comments in the profile manually is difficult, it is a chore and impractical to devote it staff time.

With our service, all user activity in the profile is sent directly to the sales Manager, he processed the information and began to deal. No need to monitor the alerts in the Instagram or in an email — the staff did not miss a single post or comment without leaving CRM. Another important advantage is the safety. Now your managers dont even need access to your Instagram account, they can handle customers directly from the CRM system.

Now we are building up a client base and are looking for partners to promote the service. Access i2crm we made cheap to offer it to the widest possible audience. To connect, enough to leave a request on the website.

In the future we plan to develop other simple solutions for business that automatiseret manual work and will allow to optimize expenses and increase the profit of our customers. Want to get the word out and to tell about your startup. Welcome to rostrum.

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