IBurattino.com Mini-interview With A Member Of Start Fellows

First guest blog Start Fellows — Alexander Abbasov, founder and developer of the project iBurattino.com that helps stores to automatically transfer the goods to your community Vkontakte, as well as daily checks for changes and makes the necessary updates. How did the idea of a startup?. Alexander. To be honest, I find it hard to call our unblocker startup.

In my understanding of the startup is something revolutionary that changes the perception of familiar things and processes, revealing new facets of our lives. And we all just. The idea of this service came at once. It was preceded by a series of failed attempts at solutions in the sphere of public catering.

Friends suggested to look at the e-Commerce market. Although the market was smaller, a total of 40 000 Internet shops vs 120 000 cafes, bars and restoranai, the e-Commerce technologically ahead catering. I decided to switch to something new. What was the first version of your product?. It now can be viewed with a regular computer.

It seems, then it took 3 weeks to take current achievements from previous projects and adapt a new idea. And then a couple of months to integrate and debug InSales. As looking for people for a project. In fact, now the team I am one, plus freelancers.

Sometimes it helps wife. The biggest challenge was to find a co-founder. This is how to find a wife, without exaggeration. No one wants to seriously invest their time, energy and resources into idea and product development. Many people want quick money and interesting projects.

So I admit that finding a co-founder I cant handle, and wife was lucky. Remember that you tried to go through friends and activities. But I couldnt find. Although friends helped me and from events have some set of knowledge and useful contacts. It was then that I decided to switch from catering to the online shopping and made the first version of the service.

But then the situation was complicated by the fact that I had two small children and a large number of long. I have found some interesting third-party start-up and joined him. For eighteen years we have gathered a cool project for the mobile market analysts, who then bought. I gave the debt, Vkontakte during this time launched stores in the community, I have a third daughter and I continued the service. SaaS-service, like ours, does not require a large number of people at the start.

People are needed at the growth stage. Sales, marketing, support. Now the project is only approaching that point. He has customers and system sales that cover the cost of. And yet for all looked after me.

What investment is required to start the project?. Nothing, except your own time and effort. About 400 000 of the personal budget for all this time. Most expensive cost servers and taxes.

As checked the demand for the product. Tell us about the first sales and monetization. We launched the first version of the application on the platform InSales and got the sale in the first month. In the fall of 2015 Vkontakte launched a new section of products and we made a second version. And so it was that the demand for the second solution was much higher.

We refused the first embodiment, and customers were offered to switch to integration with Vkontakte. What is the number of customers at your project now. What is the average check and the cost of attracting customers?. To date, our clients are almost 800 Internet shops.

On the one hand, passed the threshold of distrust online stores to sales Vkontakte. On the other, the inertia of the majority can still be felt. Instead of the average check I segmentyou income. Such segments few, but if you simplify, the distribution will be like this.

69% in the segment 1-600 rubles, 31% 600+ rubles. There are shops that on a regular basis use the service more than 1 year, there are those who use them less. More of those who from time to time uses one-time transfers. But for me what is more important — renewal. For SaaS service is very important to have a re-sale.

And then I see a positive trend. Basically, if the shop already has a community and live audiences, most likely the sale will be in the first month. About the cost of raising it is difficult to say. I have tried to use Yandex.Direct, advertising Vkontakte and articles. Good outcome was ad-VC.

Nested 250 rubles in advertising Vkontakte guaranteed connected 1 store. App of the month is visited by 2500 unique users. Constantly connected new stores, there is a renewal of the old. What plans do you have for investment, whether you plan to enter new markets?. It would be interesting to attract smart investment.

Say from those who could provide access to the online stores. I would like to switch to new markets and deeper into this. Although I admit, now technically studying blockchain technology. I think she will soon transformerait many of the usual business processes. Why chose integration with Vkontakte?.

VKontakte had already formed the environment for the sale of goods. They were mostly Dropshippers are, not a full-fledged stores. So the choice was obvious. Today, for example Facebook still shows bad in Russia, and I have not heard from our customers some positive stories about sales in Facebook. How to spend the money in case of victory?.

As I know, the prize Fund will take advantage of the advertising capabilities of Facebook and the services Selectel. Therefore, we will attract new online shopping through promotional tools Vkontakte and reduce the cost of server maintenance.

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