“If absolutely inundated with letters, reset the Inbox”

Email is my main working tool for ten years. During this time I read and sent tens of thousands of letters. Many of them were crumpled and stupid, sometimes I was wrong in the contacts and confuse the primary address with BCC. Sometimes it felt cool letter, dont hang on the wall.

Over the years Ive read many intelligent articles on e-mail and the rules of communication, filled cones and has formulated a set of their rules to adhere. Thought you might be interested to read them. To begin with, what do you prefer email to other means of communication on the Internet. Other methods of communication have shortcomings that prevent.

I often write about work in Facebook and even a phone call. I always gently take a communication in the mail. There as usual is. “Record — “Sergey dog sargacal dot ru””.

To begin, I will quote Ludwig: Thats what it is possible to notice in the first one-half second glance at the letter, not even reading the content. After half a second you can understand the condition of man.

Ludwig, as always, articulates the essence, and collects the cream. Supplement, what I think myself. I see their Inbox as an archive of papers.

You know, in the XVIII century every intelligent person was the archive in which were stored his papers, an extensive correspondence. Archive famous people are often published, sometimes in multiple volumes. Nice flipping and watch how people interacted beautifully, consistently high quality, which inside the procedure. Now, Im trying to conduct their postal business in a similar manner.

Sure is a mess in the correspondence leads to a disorder of the mind, and Vice versa. No matter what my mail is unlikely to make even a lousy one-volume edition. Its just an internal principle, which affects all. Errors in the text, sorting into folders, signature, style of communication. David Allen wrote.

“Its hard to be really creative outside of the system and limitations. Yes, creativity and organisation are two sides of the same coin. But try to draw without the canvas. I always liked to take the best of both worlds. Want freedom.

Be organized. Want to be organized. Be creative”. In correspondence profess the principle of “All there is”. If the person will need references — Ill put them in, even if the correspondence did it.

Attach files, specify addresses and contacts. I believe that this shows respect to the interlocutor. Chain letters is not chatik. These are the messages that are United by one theme communication. For other themes create another chain.

Im sure you are too annoying to find a picture to send in the chain “Re. Edit by contract”. If the person you are trying to blame all in a bunch, I just change the subject of his letter — so a new chain. Long footer is hell. Kohl Teverovsky six months fought for clean the basement in the letters “Dodo Pizza”, and won.

No need to scare the interviewee the confidentiality of the correspondence, to show him three of their number and even a photo on the belt (this was true, Im not kidding). Just write your name, thats enough. If you really want to give a link to the site. All! Sometimes a nasty letter.

The client decided to do a joint project. The Bank introduced external management. A resident of Belarus is threatened with murder for not using the word “Belarus”. In such moments it is important to postpone the letter and not answer it immediately. After a few hours the blood from the head will slip out, and stripped naked a cool head.

Suggest that you for each mail account to configure your system folder. I usually use three. After reading the letter, sorted by daddies. Inside the folders looking for some other.

So, in the “Service” I have a folder for newsletters “Glavred”, so they are always at hand. You know, in e-mail programs have search. But sometimes it is quicker to look at daddy and take out the third on the list a letter. Hell if you really are inundated with letters, that is a good way to escape. Just go ahead and reset the Inbox.

Yes, delete all emails without looking. This is very scary, you know. But really important emails and things will pop up again, gradually, when it will Mature the need. Unimportant and drown forever. Learn to write good, long, structured writing.

Writing quote the source, break up your thoughts into paragraphs, numbered lists enter. This correspondence trains the mind, rebuilds him in a special analytical status. Notice a good letter pleased, if efficiently done job. I even relax the mind while they write. When in the addressees of more than three people, then you need to wait for trouble.

Sometimes in this situation do radical will happen if you just sit in silence and copy, feel free to remove them from the correspondence. Usually nobody notices. In the Google mail was a cool thing that now not enough. All emails were sent with a delay of ten seconds. If you pressed the “Send” button and noticed that you forgot to attach a file or messed up the recipient, it was possible to do Undo and finalize the letter.

Now I use the email client for the Mac, where there is no such function. So, before sending emails quickly looping through it. Check subject, recipient, references, files. Never quote a conversation and dont post screenshots of the emails without their consent. It is a real ethical crime.

And never mess in the correspondence. E-mails are unpleasant feature. If you dont want the letter got to someone, it must sooner or later end up in his drawer. The letter will be huge strips of cloth applied to the entire history of communication. Attentive people will read in it that should not.

Communicate as if your email is read by the journalist LifeNews. And erotic selfie is better to send the Telegram. Some folks like to send a letter and write about it in the messenger. And then to write SMS. And then call.

Dont. The letter is self-sufficient. Read it when you read it and respond when you have time. Ive never met a situation when something important is not reached or being marked as spam. Here, it seems nothing is forgotten.

If you have something to Supplement — welcome to comments!

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