“If you have your own business, do not read comments on the Internet”

Recently, Squares IPO. Its weird, because six years ago, when Jack Dorsey first introduced to the public its draft, I was told that “there is nothing new here, it seems very stale” and that the company will be “a big failure”. Who told me this. Of course, commenters on the Internet.

In TechCrunch we constantly meet with such things. Regardless of what we write, whether its Instagram or Uber, sure someone will pop up and call the idea stupid, trivial, banal, stupid and so on. This is a common situation — the reality has reminded and continues to remind us that most startups end in failure.

Its a weird natural reaction is to make such conclusions from such failures. But I didnt expect anything else from the Internet. Of course, they are clearly not the only one who does that. Typically the authors on the Internet, as Amateurs and professionals, come to similar conclusions.

As I was reminded recently, in 2007, Facebook was considered a financial pyramid (ponzi scheme). And the “funny” thing in that situation was that then considered unrealistic assessment of $10 billion was the sum of $15 billion. A few years later said that there is no one version of events, in which Facebook could cost $33 billion expected by investors. This thing will never make money.

Nope. Never. Facebook has been around for over seven years. She has 500 million users.

If you do not understand how to make money on the half of users in the past seven years, I believe that you will never understand. Now Facebook is trading on the stock exchange with a valuation of about $300 billion. Of course, celebrities are also not protected from such incidents.

In 2006, it was believed that Apple would not be able to enter the industry of smartphones and understand it. Later it was said that “there is no chance that the iPhone will get any significant market share. None”. In the next few years trying to figure out how to make decent phones.

The guys in the PC industry dont understand it. They will not be able simply to enter in this industry. However, there is no serious o, only funny comments about hasty judgments. And, I guess, if you build a company, then you should not read comments on the Internet.

And may not be worth it to go to the Internet. What should be a fairly simple task, as the Internet is a modest hobby, not a lead.

Source: google.co.uk/blog/2-types-software-development-contracts-infographics/

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