“If You Love Something Let It Go”

Project Manager online Agency ITS Cyril Nadenichek wrote vc.ru a column about how companies can minimize the impact from the departure of securities professionals, and why you should not try to prevent their dismissal. It hurts me to read all these articles about how to prevent the departure of the employee, even at the level of thoughtcrime, and how to keep it, if suddenly (the horror, the horror) a traitor among us. I wish the staff had left me happy. Why.

Why not admit and what to keep. Because they are both equally stupid. The novel is a great pretender. He recently outgrew the tasks of coding and decided to leave. Two months before the New year, he announced that he will be looking for a new job.

The novel itself selected the candidates, conducted interviews, and chose a replacement. The next two months tutored the novice to the desired level. Realizing that the rookie handles himself, the Roman began to go on interviews. We love rum, but his departure will not hurt the work of the Agency.

It was the perfect dismissal. We wondered why everything went so well, and what to do to be always so. If you constantly run the staff, I have bad news. Most likely, you ***** (bad people approx. Ed.) and doing not much then.

You just nobody wants to work.
If the turnover does not exceed 10-20% per year, then, firstly, you are ***** (bad people approx. Ed.) and probably something even great. And secondly, recognize that the turnover is normal and sometimes even useful. Smart and ambitious will sooner or later reach a ceiling not only in a specific Agency, but in General, in the field of web development. Pretender will go to “Yandex”, the managers will be the product owner and development Director will launch a personal website about consulting services.

And you will not be able to influence it. Usually the employee decides to leave for very obvious reasons. And Im not sure you should solve other peoples problems. Its not your problem if the project Manager wants the salary of the General Director. Cant he pay so much — tell me who can.

For example, it can go to the grocery company and grow into a product owner. You will not be able to change business processes and client pool for one specialist. If he was tired of doing online shopping and want to do Uber, give him a chance to move on. You will not be able each designer to art Director. Those who have already reached this level, you will have to let go and find new — hungry to study and work.

Run with him. Then the employee is either suitable and tells about the problem or said that in two weeks will work elsewhere. In your best interest to warn you in advance. Any Agency will always look for new people.

Because a strong team is the ability to take interesting contracts, win festivals, and to form a steady stream of customers. Grab a good specialist, even if it has no place in staffing is normal. But with the old employees too, no one wants to leave. I see two main reasons: In the first case, advise nothing special.

I dont know, let him go and meet at the bar on Fridays. In the second case will only preventive measures. I miss the tips in the format of “if the expert is tired of the monotonous task, give him a uniform”. You can read more about all these useful articles.

The essence of the other. Before you think about it, someone would have to throw a uniform task, ask yourself the question. Why. Why keep this expert.

Policy retention at any cost only hurts. You and the entire market. Experts pulled up to the last, secretly go to interviews and eventually work worse. Salary market is overheated, because every programmer knows, you can either ask for a raise from your current employer, or go to another location with a 20-30% increase of salary. To keep pointless and useless.

Remember why the employee is leaving often. Money, complexity of projects and the staffing ceiling. All this you cant change. But if you let it, you will receive a lot of global bonuses.

Relaxed attitude to routine will not save you from problems. They will always be, but you can reduce their effect. Here are our rules, which help to let go of beloved people and quickly switch to a new job: Send columns, corresponding to the requirements of the editorial Board, [email protected]

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