“If You Think That Aggressive Advertising Does Not Affect Your Choice, Youre Wrong”

Director of development services “Planfix” Dmitry Goncharenko about how to opt-out is bad for business. We do not advertise. Not that matter, just so happened.

Initially wanted to catch up with users in a more raw and also free product and service development saw this as their advantages. Word of mouth feeds on the input of our funnel a much better audience than we could get direct advertising. So we lived did not grieve until he came to a certain Dasha Bobrova.

It happened at the testimonials page on the “Planfix” on the site for the selection of b2b services Startpack.ru — for us it is one of the important channels of receiving quality traffic. About Startpack should write separately — the guys did excellent service, develop and advance it to the delight of us and all the other participants of the rating. We also invested in the development — in particular ask our users to leave there feedback.

In this mechanism there is no any special know-how clients who have worked in the “Planfix” at least six months, receive from me a letter with a request to Express their opinion about the system in the form of feedback on the Startpack. About 1 in 20 respond, and we have a new review. Due to the fact that the review was written by a man, sufficient time has worked in the system and understand it, reviews are good — usually 5 stars, rarely 4 — and filled with concrete.

I tried to explain it to her as answer to her passage, but did not find understanding. Are unable to convince it and users themselves “Planfix”, included in the correspondence, Dasha still believed that all of the “Planfix” wrote one person under uchitomi bots, not only at Startpack, but also on other resources, including vc.ru: The discussion was joined by Alex Fedorov from Startpack, but he could not convince Dora that users, leaving feedback, tested according to a certain method, which confirms their reality.

Dasha wore on and at some moment the administration Startpack blocked her Mat and insults to other participants of discussion by removing some of the most inappropriate comments. This in the history of the Dashi would make a point, if not one “but”. Put yourself in the place of Dashi (and most readers make it will not difficult). You get to a page of reviews about a certain service, where everyone sings his praises.

In this case you never heard about this product, despite the fact that not the first year married to it. What will be your reaction. Would you believe the sincerity of these opinions from strangers?.

I think not — its against human nature. Our mental activity is arranged in a certain way and can be presented in clear and convenient for practical use of models. Much is written about this, personally I like the approach described in the book of Daniel Kahneman “Thinking slowly.. Decide quickly”.

The author writes that our brain can be conditionally presented in the form of cooperation between the two systems. One (System 1), which is responsible for quick decision making on the basis of previous experience, and the second (System 2) analytical part of our brain, capable of high-quality processing of new information with application logic. Our common problem is that very often we unconsciously give System 1 the right to decision-making that the mind would have to handle the System 2. Hence, impulse buying, stupid comments and even a broken career.

Marketing long ago learned to exploit these properties of the human mind. To System 1 considered the promoted product is a good choice, it is enough to know about its existence. “Familiar means safe, secure means well” — that is a simple chain that we inherited from our predecessors on the evolutionary ladder.

If you think that aggressive advertising of the brand on TV or posters, which you have not drawn attention in the subway, do not work, you are mistaken. A simple proof shampoo that will stop your eyes at the supermarket. It will be a long time or used mark, or brand, is where you most often encountered in recent weeks.

In the case of b2b services, everything is exactly the same. Product ads which pop up on each the web page that is already stored in the brain classified as “familiar”. And when you will face the task of choosing, you will definitely begin with the familiar advertising service. Moreover, you can even recommend it to someone — say, I didnt check it myself, but they say this ones not bad.

If you have taken this decision with logical System 2, it is unlikely that advised to someone a product that really know just what it advertised — but an easy and effortless System 1, which we prefer to use in most situations, it can afford it. In the case of Dasha Bobrova same thing happened, but with a minus sign — she was in a situation where unfamiliar people around her talking about an unknown product like hes better than everyone else. System 1 gave the alarm. There is something wrong, you sell to strangers, which is not secure.

Attempts to appeal to her System 2 — it is easy to find the reviewers with the same names and avatars in social networks, see their place of work and to verify real written — to no avail. And this, too, is the explanation. The role of System 1 is to protect the body in disturbing situations. She has to take instant decisions and not give System 2 rassusolivat with logic — after all, a second thought can cost us lives.

Our ancestors survived because I fled from strangers. While reckless lovers of the new Ghibli in the prehistoric jungle, they are hiding in the caves, the tribe had an advantage in breeding, so genetically entrenched it is “cautious” brain structure which we have inherited. Modern life in the urban jungle is full of traps and dangers — but treats them all the same historically inherited the thinking machine.

Therefore, the appearance of Dasha Bobrova natural and inevitable. And the conclusions to which we come her example, far more important than the specific situation with Dasha: Consider this, if you think word of mouth will help you to conquer the world. In the end, the opportunity to learn from the experience is the important part for the development of mankind System 2, without which we still would have jumped through the trees.

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