IKEA Has Released A Short Film About Blue Bag

IKEA has released a short film about the blue Frakta bag, a leather copy of which is in April 2017 presented Balenciaga for $2145 (about 120 thousand). The video shows how often people use the Frakta in everyday life. “Maybe this bag works harder than anyone in the world,” says the VoiceOver.

After “copy” of Balenciagas representatives IKEA have released a manual on how to Frakta distinguish from similar products. “Nothing compares with the versatility of a huge blue bag,” said the company. Balenciaga makes $2000 bag that's an "homage" to the IKEA shopping bag and I'm like fashion, you're crazy but I can'.. https://t.co/JJzNwMsBAy. Send your speakers and case studies about advertising and marketing on [email protected]

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