“Implement An Automated System On Production Times Easier, But This Is Not Yet Done”

The Denver Post about why the automakers are in no hurry to sell self-driving cars in showrooms. “Denver residents can now go to the nearest Volvo dealership and test new Volvo S90. Standard machine includes the function of Pilot Assist,” writes The Denver Post.

Pilot Assist system for semi-Autonomous control, which helps the driver to Park, maintain your distance with other cars and traffic on one lane. The sedan Volvo S90 is $47 thousand. The machine is equipped with special radar and camera in 360 degrees. However, the car can not be called self-driving — driver must remain in your seat and hold the wheel, otherwise the car will slow down.

Technology does not imply that you can click and just go to sleep. But it will help to make the daily journey, for example at work more enjoyable. As the edition notes, before the roads will be a fully Autonomous vehicle, it will take several years — for example, Audi plans to present a car in 2020. Futurist Thomas Frey believes that unmanned systems will become the industry breakthrough akin to the invention of the wheel.

“There are a lot of interesting questions. For example, what will become of motorcycles and bicycles. What age is a child able to move independently in a self-driving car. What if the baby wants in the toilet.

Can I send such a machine dog. The answers have yet to find”. According to analysts, in the future, fleets of unmanned vehicles will have large companies that will provide clients with the movement. Users will be able to pay for insurance, maintenance and fuel for cars to go somewhere, it will be enough to cause the machine.

“Maybe the concentration of such vehicles in the cities will be so high that the government will consider a total ban of cars with drivers”. In addition to Audi, which is preparing its unmanned machine, the respective developments do Ford, General Motors, Tesla, Uber and others. Experts believe that within 10 years these cars will be available to everyone.

The transition to Autonomous vehicles is supported by manufacturers and some politicians — among the advantages of unmanned vehicles they call not only convenience, but security. They will be equipped with cameras, sensors, radar systems measure light and distance, lidar and other systems. One of the advantages of the autopilot is that it can get tired at work or distracted from the road. “Unmanned vehicles will strictly follow the law and to monitor the safety of people on the roads,” — said the representative of General Motors Hal Lenox.

The Department of transportation Colorado jointly with Panasonic developed the RoadX program, which aims to reduce the number of accidents on the roads. In particular, 145 kilometers of roads in the state proposed to turn into a testing ground for driverless cars. Road signs and traffic lights will be equipped with systems that will be able to inform machines about the problems with the movement. “Perhaps, in the state appear dedicated lanes for drones.”.

At the same time in Colorado while there is no legislation that would regulate the movement of cars without a driver. The safety of unmanned machines, says The Denver Post, is still in question — including why the legislation is not developed.

Even stationary automated systems used in manufacturing, still make mistakes and cause inconvenience to the workers. Factory worker at Evraz Pueblo Charles Perko at one of the hearings on the bill on the operation of unmanned vehicles, said that the factory applies the latest automated equipment of high quality — however it is to blame in many accidents. The goal of industrial automation is not as complex, but the machines are constantly having errors.

To create a single legislation for self-driving cars — another koznarsky task. Manufacturers dont want the vehicle had to adapt to new rules every 10 kilometers. For example, representatives of General Motors stated that it will not work in States that have no clear set of laws for a car without a driver.

Manual Volvo, on the other hand, believes that legislation in this area does not play a big role. “We will not release the car on the road that are unsafe. The law should not force the manufacturers to make cars safe, and so they needs to attend to this problem”. However, regulation has a positive side — if any laws would not, users may decide that self-driving cars are dangerous. The existence of laws gives passengers confidence.

Fully self-driving cars are being tested now in Arizona, Michigan, California and other States. However, while manufacturers are not ready to sell the vehicle to the mass consumer. In October 2016, the unmanned truck from Otto moved 45 thousand cans of beer during the first commercial flight.

The company Lockheed Martin is experimenting with unmanned vehicles for military purposes. Panasonic plans to introduce in the Denver unmanned shuttles that will transport passengers from bus stops to work or home. Autonomous cars from Volvo across America test engineers, continues The Denver Post. The company does not intend soon to distribute them to buyers.

“First, we need to make sure that the system is ready for all scenarios” — the company says. “Daughter” company Waymo Google is testing its own fleet of vehicles and self-driving cars has managed to drive, according to representatives of the project, more than 2 million kilometers. In two years the car came to a dozen accidents, and in all cases but one, writes The Denver Post, the crash was found guilty of man — “reserve” driver who was in the car, or the other party of the incident.

Among other causes of accidents — slippery roads, bad weather or the behavior of the car. Over the past three years the death rate on the roads of Colorado increased by 10% — that is why the government undertook a program RoadX. The us authorities propose to introduce a rule that all unmanned vehicles will be obliged to equip the communication devices with which they can transmit information to other cars on the road. However, no such rules exists, in addition, on many roads in the United States no signal mobile network — and on them, the machine may not transfer data.

We are waiting for a dirty decade. Bound and unbound, unmanned and controlled on the roads will meet cars of all kinds. Futurists care about issues, in addition to safety in the car — for example, they believe that with the proliferation of self-driving cars young people can forget how to drive and wont know what to do in an emergency. The shortcomings of the system will be able to use hackers.

The city will have to revise budgets — as most of the funds they received from owners of personal transport. Analysts believe that the machines will help to reduce the cost of maintenance of medical institutions by reducing the number of accidents. The vacated space from Parking lots can be used for the construction of new buildings. “Of course, there are many people who have always loved and will love the car.

But for them, the machines will become more of a hobby”.

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