“In an important industry for the moment, Apple finally has a competitor”

6 October, Microsoft held a special event, which announced a new Surface Book laptop is the first laptop from the Corporation. Version Time noted that the new device could easily compete with the Macbook from Apple, but Business Insider thinks Microsoft on this presentation showed that the company wants to be perceived as a competitor to Apple. According to Business Insider, the company to issue its own laptop Microsoft opens up new prospects — now the Corporation will have the opportunity to create and “otkalibrovani” every aspect of the user interaction with the product. Production of hardware and the operating system is in the hands of one company — so it can make the user feel minimum discomfort when working with a laptop. The Guardian believes that this announcement could be a turning point for the entire industry production.

“At a time when the industry is in decline, Apple finally emerged as an important competitor.”. “Apple makes their machines completely independently and controls every aspect of working with them. Meanwhile Microsoft spends a lot of effort and funds to create the operating systems — only to see how then computer manufacturers install these OS on not quite appropriate for them hardware,” writes Business Insider. All that ends when the user is often unpleasant to work with Windows and Microsoft spoiled the reputation.

Another important point, says the newspaper, is that Microsoft is positioning Surface Book as a laptop, not a tablet, though its screen can be detached. About the predecessor of the Book Surface — Surface Pro — the Corporation said it was “the tablet that can replace your laptop”. “Surface Book is much more powerful than the Surface Pro. According to representatives of Microsoft, the device works two times faster than a Macbook. It is slim, lightweight and optimized for Windows 10 laptop.

Microsoft wants you when thinking about Windows 10, you imagined Surface Book”. Microsoft Surface Book looks prettttty cool, not gonna lie. Apples got some real competition in the laptop space now pic.twitter.com/uLouQGc1pH. Awesome awesome awesome. Now I know how apple fanboys feel.

#Microsoft #surface #book. Im pretty sure I heard the gunshot aimed at Apple when Microsoft unveiled the Surface Book #Windows10devices. The edition of Wired believes that Surface Book — one of the most interesting products presented by Microsoft in recent years. As suggested by the editor of Business Insider, Microsoft will not be able to refuse to cooperate with other suppliers of computers, as well as providers will not be able to refuse to work with the Corporation.

But using your own laptop the company is able to show both buyers and vendors, which can be experience in the use of devices on the Windows and to push them to improve their own hardware. Wired is configured not so optimistic. “Microsoft has made it clear. If HP and Dell wont release an innovative device Microsoft will release their own. Its a straight shot to the partners”.

The publication believes that the company risks to alienate their partners. However, Wired reports that the company is doing it consciously. Business Insider and Wired converge in a few things. First, even if the partners of the company and will be upset by this approach, they have virtually no alternatives to Windows.

Do not rush to say “but what about Chrome OS” — remember that almost every manufacturer already has in its lineup several devices based on this OS, but they cant be considered a full working laptop. The systems capabilities are too limited. On Linux too, can not count. Second, consider these two publications, Microsofts aggressive policy is a desire to undermine the position of Apple in the market, improving your own reputation. As noted by Wired, the company now feels “as never before, freely and strongly for such action”.

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