Inby — search of discounts and offers from the companies on a map

Hello. My name is Katerina, I am 32 years old. Im the CEO of a start-up Inby, and I have it here already for 11 months. Prior to that, studied journalism, marketing and managed several business projects.

Inby translated from the Scottish dialect means “near, close to you”. Our app shows on a map of message objects that may be of interest to users. The shops, restaurants, cafes, supermarkets, pharmacies, dry cleaners, travel agencies, cinemas, theatres, museums, galleries — all companies listed on public maps.

First, the user sees a map of the city (including location) with pins in the form of company logos. Clicking on a pin reveals a short text message, pressing the message in full. Messages can also be viewed in the list view. You can change the location to subscribe to news sites to contact them directly, share finds via social media and to filter the objects and the messages by category.

We have four categories of objects. And four message categories. The idea of this display of discounts and other messages is not new.

However, the most studied our competitors “knocked down” two factors — the quantity and quality of content. We (hopefully) find a beautiful solution to this problem. Our USP is the amount of content and a broad spectrum of interesting users those messages. Now in Runet we connected 132 cities (88 in Russia, 43 in Ukraine and one in Belarus).

They have 2 million POIs that generate from 500 thousand to 1 million messages per day. We have just launched in USA, plugged in three States. New York, California and Florida fully and 312 of human settlements across America. They all give +2 million POI and the same number of messages per day.

The majority of messages is Intrusive advertising, labor inexperienced SMM-specialists and information noise. Only 20 to 25 thousand messages are selected and come to us in the application. The objects we have collected from public maps. Technical realization of a worthy series of articles that might appear later.

Information object, you can find his website and profiles in social networks. From there you can collect messages, which, however, is not quite easy, especially to bring them to the same species. The key problem was the filtering.

To begin with, we have filtered companies by categories, thus out of the flow of information has only left messages B2C. Still there were lots of them, and the quality from the point of view of benefit to the consumer is low. Filters for keywords could not cope. To get quality content, we had to create a message classification based on neural network.

We hired a staff of classifiers, and to choose those most suited to our understanding of the target audience of the application Inby. A total of 50 girls and 8 guys worked nearly a year on training neuronti. By their example, they put messages into different categories and even reduced their. We have taught the system to fetch and process the messages as this would make the users of the application.

Now we can talk about the quality of filtration at the level of 85-90%, and we continue to improve these figures. We believe in success, because Inby solves the communication problem from two sides. Why for all the money to shout about the promotion or sale on the entire Internet, if you can talk about it to those who lives or works next door.

Ill try to briefly tell our story, at least how I see it. Less than a year ago, I joined a startup, which has involved my husband and his friends. In any other situation I would have pioneered the idea together with her husband, but a temporary loss of ability to think clearly called “the decree” did not allow me to do anything that did not solve the problems of hygiene and stave off hunger Vladimir Kuzmenko, Jr.

Our friend Misha (Mikhail Frigstad, CTO) with CodeSmart team worked with the geotagged data in social networks in one of custom projects. And while I was working lactating mom, a joke made the app Yomapic. The essence was simple — show on the map public records from Instagram that contain the georeferenced photos (Yes, most users, especially girls, dont even know about the geotag “photos” and how to disable). Was fun guys, without a clear idea of monetization and promotion, “pure neighing” as the guys.

So we found each other. The kids had a Solution, and I have, as usual, Problem. Before he was born I had a very different rhythm of life and the area I only saw from the car window at the border of the maximum permitted speed. And after two months of walks with the stroller I already knew all the shops, pharmacies, dry cleaners in the County, is four saloons, two Shoe repair (why am I on earth, take your shoes to distant lands), jewellery shop, a travel Agency right next to the entrance, four offices of different banks, vegetable shop, which is held by the Armenians, and vegetable kiosk aunt Amy, where several times a week she secretly brings fresh cottage cheese and other milk.

We next have a workshop where the screen of the iPhone completely changed for two hours, and the glass in an hour (later, when the baby grew up, I used this information twice already), across the road there are two fitness club, two stock store and butcher shop, and in the courtyard of the music school and chess club. Daily walking around the neighborhood, I used to learn and notice of sales and other exciting happenings at these points.

The son grew up, I went back to work, with a stroller walks now our nanny. But I still want to know, when they brought a fresh cheese, has started the campaign for season tickets in the club or when at my favorite wine shop around the corner began selling the Lambrusco. These two stories and a couple of heated discussions — so, in fact, the project was born Inby.

The filled in application send a month ago. For investments we did not go far. Believe in the idea, to implement 100%, so I decided the seed stage to take over and put our hard-earned.

Today, we are already out in the US, we continue the training of the neural network to filter and categorize messages in English. As for monetization — everything is simple. For users Inby will be free, and business free and paid options. Messages will still only carry useful information to the user, but paid accounts will be allocated from the shared pool will have access to the statistics, the ability to communicate with its signatories and many other.

Moreover, the priority for us is the question of the number of involved objects, therefore the cost of service is so low that it will be able to afford any aunt Light from a vegetable kiosk. We are very glad to receive your comments, suggestions and wishes. Thank you.

Returned the floor to the readers. Want to get the word out and tell about your startup. Welcome to the tribune.


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