Infographics: Over Four Years, The Most Popular In The US IOS App Increased By 12 Times

The growth of space drew attention to the publication Axios. IPhone apps occupy more and more disk space every year.

According to Sensor Tower, a dozen of the most popular U.S. apps will require in total about 2 GB of memory, 12 times more compared to may 2013, when the top 10 applications took 164 MB. This takes into account only the apps themselves, not including the associated data — for example, photos and videos.

Axios publishing notes two reasons for the rapid increase in the required space. First, Apple increased the limit for one application up to 4 GB in 2015. Second, the memory capacity of smartphones is also increasing with age, which increases the willingness of users to put up with large applications. Among the applications with the top of the heap more than others “grew in scope” Snapchat — up to 204 MB and 4 MB in 2013.

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