Instagram reseller in Russia told about the advertising formats social networks and gave tips about creating snapshots

The ads run in three formats. A static image with a link, a video up to 15 seconds and the image with the app install button. Advertising publications are displayed in their news feeds and are accompanied by marked “Advertisement”. The placement occurs with the help of CPM auctions.

In the Instagram ads will appear the same targeting capabilities that Facebook, including gender, age, and other parameters. Disable comments will not. Company representatives said in a press release about several distinctive features of the Russian audience Instagram, noting the frequency of use of social networks.

Two-thirds of Instagram users in Russia are young, but quite independent of age – between 18 to 34 years old. 65% of this audience consists of girls. The young audience goes to see friends photos on average of five to ten times a day. Among the launch customers of placements in Instagram — “Yandex.Taxi”, Nestle, Beeline, Samsung, Loreal, Unilever and Lamoda.

Aitarget has produced a small guideline with recommendations about creating graphics for Instagram. It describes the basic points regarding the composition, lighting and emotional content of the photos. Representatives of the reseller shared tips for companies on registration of images — according to them, social networks are strict moderation. The month of closed testing specialists Aitarget showed that CPC and CPI — 30-50% lower than Facebook, and the cost of video views in two-three times cheaper than similar offerings in other channels.

The company notes that the final outcome is still too early — more accurate values will appear after a long time of public testing. According to Aitarget, Russia ranks fifth among all countries in terms of penetration Instagram. Audience of network in the country is growing annually by about 25%. Moscow accounts for 20% of Instagram users in Russia, St. Petersburg — 10%.

On 24 September, “Kommersant” reported that the discussion of the sale of ads in Instagram for Russian users is selling IMHO Vi, which already has an exclusive contract with Facebook by selling premium ad formats on the social network from October 2014. Aitarget in 2014 has concluded with another Facebook exclusive contract for advertising on RTB-auction. In other countries where there is a possibility of advertising on Instagram, the social network allowed brands to publish advertising 30-second spots. In Russia for advertisers remains the limit in 15 seconds.


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