Instname Runet: How To Make A Business Out Of A Personal Account

Young mothers talked about how to make in Instagram. In recent years, many women sitting at home with the children began to bring in the income not less than their working husbands. Instagram has given young mothers the opportunity to open your business and earn.

Explorer collected several stories of successful install. Natalia provotorova, mother of many children from Voronezh, logged onto Instagram on the advice of my husband when looking for a program that will save photos for the family archive. Initially, the girl planned to use the social network to create a photobook.

My account strict concept — its a family photo book and nothing in addition. Only aesthetically pleasing photos. In the photo you will find the policy debate, dispute, or criticism. I write about the everyday life of family, travel, parenting, education, our traditions and the comfort of your home. Now in the list of added repair.

In General, all of our lives. Once Natalia studied at the Roman-Germanic faculty, English and Spanish, worked as a designer. With the birth of his first son, the girl left a career — a second son and daughter finally strengthened her opinion that while walking to work you can forget.

However, the designer skills came in handy — now Natalie is building a “dream home”, for the repair of which is already more than a year to observe its subscribers. By registering in the social network, Natalie had not planned to do business from your account, however, her blog has sparked the interest of readers, and she did not notice that the number of subscribers has exceeded 10 thousand. Now their number is more than 30 thousand, mostly female audience of all ages who are close to the theme of family.

According to instanly, its members — those who are “looking for inspiration, approval and just beautiful images in blue tones”. Thanks to the Instagram followers have become to know Natalya and her family on the streets of Voronezh. The girl began to receive invitations to conduct workshops for management of Instagram and the creation of quality content.

Refer to “instname” and potential advertisers. I work with those whose services would benefit myself or my family, whom I can recommend to my mom or girlfriends. My terms — is your product or service, and 5,000 rubles for the publication. If me all you like — publish your opinion — if not, return the money and budget. Sure that Instagram can be as a private business project and an assistant to your business, if you know how to motivate people and beautiful show of your life.

According to estimates edition in March the blog of Natalia was published about six publications mentioning different brands. How many of them were promotional, the girl did not disclose. Assuming that each would be paid at a minimum rate of installa could earn about 30 thousand rubles.

A linguist by profession, Natalia Lalin planned to work as a teacher of Russian language and literature, and became a well-known blogger. Together with her husband, 28-year-old girl with a daughter and shares details of motherhood with the subscribers, which are already almost 80 thousand. Target audience Natalia — women with children and expectant mothers, which, according to the girl, I want to be and imitate her style of child rearing.

In his account Natalia promotes proper nutrition and breastfeeding. The blog can be found advertising publishing services for the delivery of products or finished food, natural cosmetics or childrens products. Advertise products that only I like. Pricing there is no specific. An average of 5 thousand rubles plus the item you want to advertise.

Can barter to collaborate — it all depends on if I need produce, I wonder whether. For me its a hobby. But I can tell you, to be a blogger — it is the same work. First, you need time. Second, ideas and creativity.

And thirdly, the desire. Almost every blog post of Natalia is provided with an advertising tag. For example, in March, according to estimates edition they were published not less than thirty. How many of them were actually paid, unknown.

If we assume that every mention of installa would be asked for their minimum bid, then her income could reach about 150 thousand rubles. In addition, now Natalia is currently studying for the lactation consultant to not only share tips via the blog and officially to help young mothers.

Another direction of activities instamate — photo and video. Together with her husband Natalia shoots weddings (6 thousand rubles per hour), portfolio, love story and commercials (15 thousand rubles). She admits that thanks to Instagram, theyve managed to expand your client base and get more orders. Maria Kozaeva dreamed of becoming a journalist, and up to 19 years, it was clear to her goal.

He studied at the Russian state humanitarian University on specialty “sociology of marketing”, aspired to work in television. However, familiarity with the husband made adjustments and together they decided to do business. After several unsuccessful attempts in 2012, the young entrepreneurs opened the manufacture of boxes for storage, underwear, makeup, jewelry. And it went.

Boxes are produced in Russia, the price for one in average is 500 rubles. The community has over 90 thousand subscribers. However, the use of Instagram for business promotion Kuzaeva wife began immediately. Previously “Vkontakte” was wildly popular — we advertised there with a huge return.

Then this social network is exhausted, and we were looking for an alternative. When Instagram appeared advertising platform, we moved there and the first few months, again, had ultra-high impact. Then a more steady pace growth. Now Instagram also falls.

A few years ago, Mary left the business of manufacturing of home goods in the care of her husband and opened a new. In 2015, after giving birth to second son, the girl created the clothing brand for kids from 0 to 4 years. For the production of things of high quality Mary long was looking for providers, and eventually signed agreements with two Russian factories.

From the idea to the choice of colors, accessories and the launch of a series — it all rests on the shoulders of instname. Before entering the market, Maria is testing the products for their sons, they also advertise clothes Maria profile. Now the brand in Instagram more than 34 thousand readers.

But the personal account instanly — more than 100 thousand subscribers, which brought her popularity and recognition on the street, as well as friendship with other moms-founders of their own projects. Virtual communication has grown into a real relationship. In the account of Mary taboo on political and religious topics.

My opinion the girl prefers not to comment publicly on ethical grounds and to avoid unnecessary comments and debates. Target audience account women from 18 to 40 years. Advertisers in the personal account, as any blogger turn. Do not take the advertising of those goods and services that would not use myself and would not recommend. Other proposals consider.

The cost of advertising depends on the type of product and the complexity of the technical specifications. It can be cooperation by barter in the case of interesting and useful goods, or on a commercial basis. Plug here is quite wide, from 15 to 40 thousand rubles. In his blog, Maria promotes its own stores, but there are other brands.

For example, in March edition counted about five of these publications. Potentially account instname could get her about 75 thousand rubles. One of the most sought after childrens photographers in Instagram from Moscow Elena Karneeva since childhood, engaged in painting, but decided to enroll in engineering. However, after receiving technical education and nor the day not worked by profession, found work as a designer in Polygraphy.

At the same time Elena was fond of photography. She dabbled in several directions, shot weddings, landscapes, children. And that shooting kids inspired her the most. The birth of your first daughter Melania eight years ago, finally Elena has strengthened the opinion that the childrens survey is something she wants to do.

Now Helen has three daughters and works as a childrens photographer. Prices for services, for example, for a photo shoot the mother, starts from 125 thousand rubles, for family photography — from 150 thousand rubles. New friends and new customers come to Elenas largely thanks to Instagram, in which she registered in 2013.

Subscribers girl divides by photographers and fans of her work. Their number has already exceeded 150 thousand people. I used to have a promotion strategy in Instagram. I am a long time almost all silently laid alone professional photography. And was strongly against images on the phone and personal life.

It was a kind of showcase my services. Not long ago, I realized that people are interested in me, and my life, and everyday life mothers of large families. So that strategy is gone. I can in a day to put four pictures or, on the contrary, to be silent for a couple of days. Write comments to the posts on the mood.

Blogging means daily to raise topical issues and share visually interesting content. A wide range of clients, Helen flies around the world, little sleep and is often missing at home, but finds time not only to remove but also conduct master classes for beginners. In addition to its core activities, Helen can earn on your account, advertising a variety of goods and services, but while this possibility is rare — she claims that in March, posted only two advertising publications.

Now I get a lot of letters on cooperation. But while most of the proposals I reject, as they did not interest me. Dont want my page turned into a shop on a sofa. But advertising in this format is gaining momentum.

Explains the popularity of instamap PR specialist Lyubov Soboleva. – Instagram audience is women 25-34 years. Instagram is generally in the 75% of women. Given the fact that this age period — the time of the decrees— it is possible to explain this phenomenon. The woman in the decree hands, but loose head.

She released the creative intellectual energy. Many change his occupation just at the time of the decree. And then these two factors add up, added a third in the form of the opportunities offered by Instagram, and formed this very phenomenon. The price depends on the quality of the audience and its quantity. The average advertising publish to Instagram is from 2 thousand to 100 thousand rubles — we are talking about publications from the mom-bloggers (not stars).

Sometimes the cost of publication from mom bloggers comes to 150 thousand rubles. It all depends on how to treat the man himself as a part-time job or main job. If he would give Instagram the same time as paying normal operation, that is, eight hours a day, he definitely will be able to earn more than all his colleagues.

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