Internet Users Aviasales Accused Of Racism After Posting About The Divorce Pitt And Jolie

The publication is made in a gallery format with three variants of flights to different countries. Pitt “talks” about what is going to take foster children from their grandparents in Cambodia, Vietnam and Ethiopia, that is from where they were born. Service needs to help him in this, to “save the grandmother to grandmother”. The record has collected 1.3 thousand likes, reposts 106 and 69 reviews. Users praise the company, praised the idea and responsiveness to the situation, and one of the subscribers suggested to the firm to make a website with icons “for the righteous” that they finally were satisfied.

The other part of the audience saw an insult and inappropriate mockery of someone elses divorce.

Chief editor of the Russian edition Wonderzine Olga Strahov dedicated to this situation a separate entry in Facebook. The reporter noted that members of the service long ago, “work on the principle of “sexism, racism, homophobia. Your sales will soar to the heavens,” he remembered the special project company “Tinkoff Bank” and published correspondence with Aviasales founder Konstantin Kalinov. In the comments of the post he calls Strahov “ugly” and encourages her “to write of a man”.

Edition Wonderzine released material on the publication, which pointed to the popularity of controversial projects associated with the growth of audience engagement because of the negative. It is clear that our outrage is exactly what the authors achieve such a “provocative” campaigns. Righteous anger users of offensive advertising messages receive additional coverage.

But is it worth a few thousand views ruined reputation — the big question. Living in Denmark wearer Facebook Lera Shvets pointed to the fact that everyday racism that causes people to judge others by skin color, distributed throughout Europe. This comfortable divan racism shit floating in the pond, and then turns into this stinking reality.

A fabulous mixture of mestnosti zheltysheva tabloid, who always cares about who is bred, narrow-minded tunnel vision that allows you to call foster children extras for other children, common and disgusting racism, pushing to do an advertising campaign in direction depending on the origin of children. PR Manager of the Aviasales Janis ticket told that publication is not considered racist, I do not presume to evaluate the statements of the founder and see the outrageous entries to the negative effect that would impact on the reputation. “We never intend to offend anyone with its publications, but there is a category of “professionally offended” and then, of course, anything can happen. I will not undertake to comment on the coast, but generally it is quite difficult to tolerate in the comments a variation on a theme a variety of genitals and remain indifferent.

Midst a Facebook squabbles remain in Facebook”. September 22, the company released a recording allegedly on behalf of Angelina Jolie, who resents the definition of “crowd” and going with the kids to fly to Russia.

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