iPhone 6s: the beginning

Theres not much to tell. Better camera, behaving strangely battery and all. I couldnt taste the 3D touch, as did not understand how to use it. From “six” for me, the phone does not differ.

I took it only because my wife and two-year contracts for a phone+plan, and come September, when one of us extend contract and gets the newest iPhone as part of this contract. About batteries — found that after 4 hours of use I still have 53%. But I actively listened to music, took photos and so on. But did nothing that would not do on the old “six”.

Now the phone takes with partial use of about 5% per hour. So it is not clear what happened. Maybe I just forgot to charge it and thought on it 100%, or magic. Either I turned on auto-brightness and was outside for 2 hours under the scorching Australian sun.

This explains so much. In my opinion, Apple got a great update of the current iPhone. Traditionally, the prefix “s” only improves technical performance and almost does not affect the appearance. Added a new pink color — apparently, there is a demand.

And judging by the fact that available in Europe pink iPhone almost no bid was made true. Once Siri, 3D touch today offers us a new way of interacting with the device. It is difficult to say whether this will be in demand by developers and the market, but the effect of “wow” when you use definitely have. Now many everyday actions with your phone you can proizvodite much faster, but without the support of third-party applications this feature will not last long.

In this regard, we face the problem, when designing interfaces, developers will need to think not only about how to effectively use the 3D touch, but also about the users (which are now the vast majority) who are deprived of this technology. Then, as they say, wait and see. One more pleasant thing is lightning fast Touch ID.

In the new iPhone simply tap or click on the button under the screen, and the sensor reads your fingerprint instantly. With constant use of a smartphone is a very significant improvement. For me definitely the new iPhone was a great continuation of his series. In more detail we have just started to learn, but I think we can expect not one surprise that is associated with the letter “s” in the new devices from Apple.

. Bought iPhone 6s. Briefly about the gadget. First impressions are very good.

I have a smartphone — multitasking with whom you have to spend a lot of time, therefore increased the screen immediately “expanded horizons” for the fingers and eyes. There was another very cool thing 3D touch screen responds differently to the effect of depression and how to perform the action, and display the context menu. In fact, it appears as a two button mouse.

While a bit unusual, but looks promising. So what we need is a facility to surf the web is comparable to a laptop or tablet. But the most vivid impression on today — its still a camera. I think not on all cameras the picture quality, not to mention mobile gadgets.

While a score of 10 out of 10. Every iPhone since the s after the number uses a familiar appearance, but considerably changed inside. The new iPhone 6s is the best example.

Engineers to fit new and as always very powerful hardware in a familiar case, the case is strengthened that no Bendgate him this time was not affected, and on top of this drink added 3D touch. And so it happened that once again will keep his mind of buyers. Not without “downgrades” — due to the innovations had to increase the thickness, weight, and reduce the amount of battery. These shortcomings will be fixed in the next iPhone, and while we are invited to feel in all its glory display advantages, which determines the effect of depression.

In essence, the function is a reinterpretation of the idea of a long Tapa, but in reality is definitely something more. It is 3D touch, coupled with significantly increased performance and a pink case will become the main driver of sales. More golovy the buyer chooses a function, and fashionistas, if you will, will attract color. And everyone is happy.

Even at the time of receiving the box with the pink iPhone 6s last night had the feeling that the smartphone will not be much different from iPhone 6. During the first settings I have the feeling only intensified, but after the first boot and setup Touch ID 2.0 immediately realized that very wrong. If good old “six” released for a fraction of a second when using Touch ID on iOS 9, iPhone 6s makes this even instantly — simply do not have time to look at the time on the screen.

Speaking of 3D touch — even despite some skepticism at first, greatly affects the mechanics of management and reduces the number of unnecessary clicks for simple tasks. If used for video capture, it was necessary to launch the camera, wait for the download and select the desired mode, now the popup-window appears directly on the application icon under strong pressure, and this is only one of the modes of use. Very convenient preview window links in Safari. 3D touch has run in the Apple Watch, and now Apple have found a logical use her in the ecosystem of iOS devices — good, and a couple of years there may be a misunderstanding of how we used the devices without it.

But you have to understand that this is not a new “right click” and more of a small tweak that seamlessly blended into iOS. A little disappointed with the camera that shoots almost at the level of the usual “six”. Yes, the iPhone 6s is fine shoots 4K video, but in terms of photos under normal light levels the difference will have to look with a magnifying glass. If to remove in the evening, then the difference is more noticeable, but its definitely not a reason to upgrade.

You can not say about the other features. It is difficult to say whether to upgrade to the iPhone 6s, but after a couple hours of active use want to go back to past generations, there is no. Popular blogger Wylsacom shared his impressions of the new models with their subscribers.

Who took pink 6S on 64GB black and 6S Plus 128GB, that I. IPhone 6 6S after in hand to take the contrary.

People, 3D Touch is the bomb. How first sex. Pic.twitter.com/FijIzrnwyu. Touch ID is PPC 2.0.

“Hi, Siri” without wires Imperial garbage in General. Here this chip with 3D Touch is very good. Strongly pressed the trackpad and moving their cursor. Even more pressed and highlight the text.


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