IsGood €? A Service For Determining The Rating Of A House Anywhere In The World

Estimates place, analyzing the infrastructure around cafes, shops, parks and more. My name is Olga Lavrenova, Im 28 years old. I mastermind online service IsGood.

Rich experience in the it field and working with startups can not boast, but I want to share a story of how he invented and implemented IsGood. My husband and two young children to actively travel around the world for almost two years. Constantly moving from country to country, from city to city, we are forced to look for new housing. Over time we have developed some preferences and developed criteria of what should be a place in the new town, to stay there for a month.

For example, in order to live comfortably with children, you need to definitely within walking distance was the shopping, parks for walking, cafes and restaurants at the right time was everything at hand. However, arriving in a new city, we cannot know in advance which area is better to live and where is all we need. Finding housing and learning the entire infrastructure near a potential place of residence is done always I, and previously, it took me a lot of time.

Had to go into Google Maps and Foursquare and to examine all manually, the virtual walking through all areas of the city. Then I had the idea to create a service that could do the job for me, defining a kind of rating of the place for me your criteria. How is the rating. On the basis of the infrastructure around. Are taken into account:

The more infrastructure around and the closer they are, the higher the rating of the place. The formula is quite complex and not always objective. But we like the results, because they perform their original function. As a rule, the rating reflects the real environment.

Service IsGood helps to more quickly determine the choice of housing. It calculates the rating of a place, anywhere in the world, according to the existing infrastructure near. Especially useful in the case where the user chooses between several options, a little different from each other.

Plans to promote the service among travelers. Also the prospect of creating special offers for real estate agencies and providing them with information about local infrastructure for different categories of the population. Single, families with children, pensioners, motorists and others.

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