It offices: BuzzFeed Correspondent visited the new headquarters of Twitter in new York

According to Kantrowitz, BuzzFeed is a first edition, which managed to visit the new head office social network. The headquarters moved four service commands that previously worked in different offices. New York office became the second largest Department after Twitters San Francisco headquarters.

According to the BuzzFeed reporter, it is expected that in the future, in the new York office will be created some of the most important products. Now employees are working on the platform Project Lightning. The presence of an office outside of Silicon valley Twitter gives you several advantages. First, it allows you to hire talented employees who live in new York and dont plan to move to Silicon valley. In addition, new York city, says Alex Kantrowitz is a great place for companies operating in the media industry.

There are offices of the largest news agencies in the U.S. and the world. In the office there are no Twitter offices. All employees, including management, work in openspace. Once a week the whole team gathers in one place to discuss current Affairs and plans. The headquarters of Twitter is often visited by celebrities.

In early September, the visit of the team caused Donald trump, later it was visited by actor Tom Hanks and Director Steven Spielberg. They spend for employees open session of questions and answers. The office employs more than 80 developers headed by the Vice-President for development, Vijay Pandurangan. BuzzFeed reporter talked to the head of development about the upcoming projects of the company in the field of machine learning and other fields.

One of the most interesting moments of Kantorovich found the discussion of services, tied to specific places. For example, says Pandurangan, Twitter could analyze the tweets sent from specific locations, and alert you of danger. If a lot of people from new York talk about the earthquake, Twitter can analyze these records and to warn those who are in the same area. “Isnt this great?” — notices the Vice-President of the company. Specific plans for building the kind of product the team doesnt have, but think in this direction.

The new York office is in constant contact with other departments of the company. Throughout the headquarters of the installed devices that allow video calling with other offices. The room even go special robots — they also need to support video communications.

Command video service Vine, which Twitter bought in 2012, works in the same building. The project office is located on the floor above the office Twitter, has approximately 50 employees. CEO of Vine believes that for startups patronage and the proximity of such a large company is a very important factor. “Were a small team and strong corporate culture. At the same time, we have access to resources and knowledge of Twitter, so we can assume that we have incorporated the best of both worlds of startups and big companies”.

Among the areas that the Vine project “gave” bought his company, recruiting and financial issues. In addition, the team doesnt have its own advertising Department. The delegation also BuzzFeed was able to talk with the Vice-President of sales Matt Twitter Darella. Derella said that the presence of an office in new York — an important strategic point. “Marketing, acquisitions, proximity to the largest media, your talents, work with advertising agencies — to have a flagship office in new York is very useful”.


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