“Its A Food, Not A Competition”: IKEA Invited The Families To Enjoy Dinner Without The Phone And Showed Instagram The XVII Century

The plot of the video begins around the seventeenth century. The family gathers around the table and almost proceeds to a meal, but enters the canteen artist and begins to paint. Finished still life shooting in the city and I appreciate it. Only after the image has received public approval, the family begins to eat. Further, the plot is transferred into the present.

The head of the family for a long time taking pictures of your dish before you start eating. Daughter and wife dissatisfied look at him. IKEA offers a solution to the situation — just relax and enjoy a family dinner. According to the newspaper Campaign, the creators were inspired by annual report of the IKEA “Life at home”. In the presentation, the company talked about the study of family life 12 thousand people and the largest cities.

Moscow, Berlin, new York, Paris, Shanghai, Mumbai, Stockholm, Sydney, Toronto, Zurich and Madrid. The study showed that most people experience dissatisfaction since their idea of family life does not coincide with reality. For example, 42% of people expressed concern due to the fact that they cant find the time for daily cooking at home. 60% of respondents said that they use social networks to find ideas for cooking. According to representatives of IKEA, the desire to take nice pictures of food led to the fact that people set unrealistic standards in the design of food and now feel inferior.

Also, the study participants admitted that they like when their kitchen is clean. 39% said their houses are a mess is depressing.

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