“Its Hard To Shake The Leadership Of Sony In This Market”

Presented in the 2001 version of the iPod could only work with Mac computers. Buyers are offered two iPods — disk space 5 GB or 10. The device weighed in at 184 grams and can work up to 12 hours on a single battery charge. Apple first used the scroll wheel Click Wheel to control iPod interface.

However, in the first models also had a separate physical button — later the engineers have built their functionality into the Click Wheel. The device was equipped with a 1.8-inch black and white screen. At the presentation, Steve jobs compared the size of the player with a deck of cards.

Photo. Arstechnica.com. IPod — the first new Apple device is presented after the return of Steve jobs to the company. By the time the company ran into financial difficulties — sale of computers fell, Apple shares reached its lowest value in its history. By 1997, the losses for the two years totaled $1.86 billion.

The iPod was supposed to be a product that will help to bring the company out of the crisis. Apple first came out on the new market of portable electronics, but had to fight with the leader of the industry — Sony. The player turned out to be a successful commercial product — by 2010 the world has sold more than 275 million devices.

IPod became the best selling portable media player in the world. His release radically improved the financial position of Apple. However, after the presentation on 23 September 2001, the analysts had mixed reviews especially due to the price of $399. IDC analyst Bryan MA expressed concerns that the company may face problems due to market consumer electronics.

According to him, the margin in this segment is not as high as in the production of computers, and make the market more complicated. However, the iPod may encourage consumers to purchase Mac, believed analyst. American journalist Tim deal at the end of the presentation, published an article in which he noted that despite the high cost of the device, the iPod “allows you to quickly load songs via USB, has a good battery life and fast charging”. In addition, it meets the strategy of Apple “the computer — a digital PC hub user”.

But companies will be hard to shake the leadership of Sony, believed the journalist. “It is obvious that Apple follows the lead of Sony in the market of home appliances, but the company lacks the wealth of the range of products offered. Risky of launching new consumer product on the market right now,” said DIL.

NPD analyst Stephen Baker in his review also noted that despite the large amount of memory offered by Apple, the device will be difficult to occupy a niche in the market. “The most expensive MP3 player with Flash memory costs $249. In addition, many offer other built-in functions — play a mini-CD as, for example, Sonicblues Rio 600 for $199. Of course, Apple devices a lot more built-in memory up to 50 hours of music playback — but its worth twice the price”.

CNET editor Eliot van Buskirk suggested that the iPod could eventually become the portable device to control any data — as noted by the editors of Engadget, so the journalist predicted the appearance of the iPhone. IPod — more than a MP3 player. This is the prototype of the wallet data, which you always carry with you. The device can synchronize with other computers that will allow users to listen to music, watch videos.

He will not have a complicated interface and it will possess a set of ports for connecting external devices. Keyboards, cameras, monitors, GPS, headphones and other things. If you add some device for identification purposes, the iPod can become a tool for payments. Users also commented on the presentation of the iPod in your network.

For example, online publication Macrumors users have assumed that the company will not be able to become the market leader in consumer electronics. “Heres an idea Apple — rather than enter the market of toys, why not give his expensive and useless line of servers. Or do you seriously want to become famous firm that produces consumer electronics?”, — wrote a user with the nickname Pants.

“I still cant believe it. All this hype has been around such ridiculous things. Who cares about an MP3 player. I want something new. I want Apple thought otherwise,” he complained WeezrX80.

“I already have a CD player Walkman and disc recorder. Now, when I have no job because of the crisis of the dot-com I have to pay $400 for a car and rent an apartment,” user with the nickname SPG. “In my home CD player. In my car CD player.

My Mac CD player. IPod requires me to change my life style. Why. <..> Why do I need all my songs all the time?” — opinion of an anonymous user.

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