Journalist €? Telegram-bot To Create Text Online Broadcasts

My name is Vadim Baryshev, I am 29 years old. I am a programmer and have been doing this for over 12 years. My mind often come up with ideas. Some of them go back, while others stop at the stage of prototypes, but there are those that I light up. When this happens again, all my free time I put into creating this product.

One such product I want to tell you. The last few years, the online broadcast of the Internet gaining more popularity. This format allows the viewer, reader, listener, feel like youre part of the events. The format is not something new, but if five or ten years ago it was confined mainly to stream sporting events and direct interventions in broadcasting, but now everyone has the opportunity to reach people with information in real time, no matter what it is. Video, text or sound.

In my field of interest got the text online broadcast. This format is gaining popularity among the media largely due to the fact that allows you to highlight a wide range of events that requires less work from the authors and less attention from readers (compared to video and audio content). Many media sites introduce their own mechanisms for conducting such broadcasts. Some use ready-made solutions, there are those who just quickly edits text of the article, thereby giving her a text stream. Everything seems to be going on as usual, but I could not let rest the thought that I know how to make the creation of such broadcasts is much easier.

And I made a Journalist. I set myself the task to create an efficient tool for easy and rapid implementation of routine work, which will allow the editors to focus only on content. As the main interface I chose Telegram messenger. Its UX in combination with the bot controlling the process of creating broadcast, allows you to bring this process to a new level and gives you the opportunity to enjoy a full stream even on the go. The bot provides a small menu for creating and managing broadcasts, but the primary interface is familiar to all input field.

You just write the text (by the way, you can use Markdown markup), send photos, videos, voice messages, posting links on Twitter, YouTube, images, and the bot draws it in a nice stream of updates which readers will instantly see on your website or blog. Stream is inserted into the HTML code of the website with just one tag that the bot will tell you after it is created. If you are media, blogger, and you have no website, but you still want to share something online, you will be available to the public page of the broadcast, the link to which you will be able to share with their audience. For teams there is a possibility of simultaneous work of several editors. To see examples of translations in the blog can be viewed here or here.

The project is currently in free public beta. He has already set all the required functions and ready to use. Of course, much more will be added and refined as development of the project, but its a start. I will be glad to hear your feedback, answer questions, and I cant wait to see your broadcast.

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