Just Coincidence: “Novaya Gazeta” Presented The Redesign Of The Site Like “Media”

The development of the new website of the newspaper was engaged in Studio Charmer, who previously worked on projects Meduza, “Vedomosti”, “Arzamas”, Afisha Daily. What happened now. Completely rewritten, otherwise structured and well-drawn website. Fast (this we paid special attention). Protected (we will continue to act as a platform for petitions).

Beautiful. And convenient. Now, we are better able to tell you stories, explain the topic to share their opinions and listen to your. We have where to put everything.

Home “the New newspaper”: The news page of “the New newspaper”: Page article: CEO publication Meduza, Galina Timchenko on his page in Facebook compared the redesign of the “Novaya Gazeta” c design “media zones”. “Everything is good, everything is functional and perfectly in trend.

But why to breed clones. Meaning. Themselves in chocolate and colleagues now something to do with it. Despite the fact that the different values of the audience probably was pretty rad intersect”. Home “media zones”:

Article page on the website of “media zones”:

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