KFC has launched synchronized advertising with TV commercials of the publication of “Vkontakte”

Within minutes after the KFC video on TV in the news feed of users “Vkontakte” appeared advertising a post “KFC Russia”, which continues the theme of the video and calling on users to “enjoy the present”. When synchronization take into account the time of broadcast, the service area and target audience of the channel. As told in the company, this publicity stunt has allowed to significantly increase the number of subscribers to the community “KFC Russia” in social networks — an average of four times compared with the same activities without synchronization.

According to KFC, the first few days of the campaign in the community “KFC Russia” has 12 thousand likes, 5 thousand hits to the brands page in “Vkontakte”, more than 400 users shared account. The total number of subscribers during the campaign period increased by 500 persons (conversion amounted to 9.4%). Company representatives believe that due to the significant increase in the number of mobile devices and increasing traffic from social networks, additional campaign to synchronise TV and Digital guaranteed to become the industry standard in the coming years.

Peter Rozanski, marketing Director at Yum. Russia Brands (brands KFC and Pizza Hut), believes that the campaign was successful and calls her “breakthrough”. “KFC is committed to participate in a contemporary dialogue with the consumer. We are proud of the new solution and are confident that it will help us to achieve breakthrough results,” he said.

According to albert Usmanov, head of b2b marketing “Vkontakte”, such campaigns have a wide audience in Russia. In the development of the project took part the specialists of “Vkontakte”, the Agency Hungry Boys, and TV SYNC platform.

Source: google.co.uk/blog/2-types-software-development-contracts-infographics/

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