“Kidichi” €? An Online Service For Pre-school Education

Allows you to engage both online and on paper. Cut, draw, paint. My name is Nikita Krylov, Im 27 years old.

I am the founder of the service “Kidichi”, are engaged in startups since 2008. “Kidichi” is an online service in early childhood education focuses on the age of one year to three years. The project started on 1 April 2017. Im working on it with his wife.

Responsible for technical implementation, and it is engaged in promoting in Instagram (our profile 2,5 thousand subscribers). We opened the project with his own money. Only invest in advertising, and all the jobs create themselves. Monetization occurs via a subscription model.

The service was a thousand users, of which less than 50 have issued a paid subscription for a period of one month (49 rubles) to one year (480 rubles). We allow to try the software and provide a free subscription for 14 days. Also regularly upload free sets of themed tasks.

Every day subscribers of the service receive by email the new lesson. This is a PDF document into six tasks. The child performs the 180 jobs a month and more than two thousand in a year. The goal is to instill in children the habit of daily activities and relieve parents the choice of educational materials. To track progress you can print the map of the course and after each lesson to stick in her veins.

Job is distributed by topics and areas of study: In the next six months were going to increase conversion to paid accounts and create assignments for children ages 4-5 years.

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