Lasagna From Colgate And Female Bic Ballpoint Pen €? 7 Swedish Exhibits Of The “Museum Of Failures”

Collector Samuel West believes that companies need to stop pretending like they dont make mistakes. 7 June 2017 Swedish collector Samuel West opened a “Museum of failures”. In it he gathered up the products that did not meet their expectations.

The purpose of the Museum is to show that innovation is impossible without failure. Those who are afraid of making mistakes will never make anything new. The literature devoted to innovation, are too fixated on the success of. In fact, 80-90 percent of new products fail. Somehow, these failures do not receive proper attention.

I opened this Museum to learn from the mistakes and not pretend they never happened. According to Vesta, the idea to create a Museum came to him when he visited the “Museum of broken relationships”. He was amazed that such a place exists, and the West decided to open his own Museum.

The criterion by which the West chooses the exhibits — the product was supposed to be the innovation for the manufacturer, but had failed to meet expectations. The Museum is located in the city of Helsingborg. West said that the money to open provided the Swedish state company for innovation Vinnova.

According to the newspaper The New York Times, at the time of opening, the Museum contained 60 exhibits. According to Vesta, some of the “artifacts” for the Museum he bought on eBay, some he gave to friends or people who heard about his project. “And some I bought in dark alleys and only use cash.

I cant say what it is” — says the collector. Seven exhibits of the “Museum of failures”. Drink Coca-Cola Blak — a mixture of Coca-Cola with and essences and coffee.

The company has launched it in 2006 — first in France then in the United States, Canada and Europe. In 2009, the product was removed from sale. Coca-Cola is constantly striving to do something new. Tastes of customers are changing and we must keep up with the changes.

Blak — an example of our attempt to do something new. Although this product was its fans, in General, he showed himself not very well, and we removed it from the market. The French company Bic, which produces disposable (pens, lighters, razors) in 2011 released a series of ballpoint pens “For her”. The company described the product as.

“Elegant design for her. Thin rod — specially for womens hands.”. According to the publication Mail Online, not a single product on Amazon has not yet received such sarcastic reviews.

These pens never put a period at the end and suggestions — just a question mark or an exclamation point in the form of a heart. The product caused a great resonance in the society. We are grateful to our customers for all the feedback — including critical. Were sorry if our idea offended anyone.

In 1980-ies the company Colgate tried to release his own line of frozen products. According to Vesta, even a test batch of lasagna was not sold out.

Company Colgate refused to cooperate with the “Museum of failures”, so West had to recreate the pack, focusing on the image of the original. This is the only fake exhibit in his Museum. In 1999 the American company for the production of goods for the recovery of the released Rejuvenique mask, which “reduces wrinkles” with a mild shock.

The product was advertised by the actress Linda Evans. “Use the mask every day and will look like Linda,” reads the advertisement. On Amazon mask sold still.

One of the questions asked by a purchaser. “Do I need to tie someone who enjoys the mask, medical stretcher. The screaming is the problem?”. Google started to test Google Glass in 2012.

In 2015, the development decided to suspend. According to the publication Business Insider, Google Glass was a failure, because the manufacturer did not explain to customers why they need this device. According to Vesta, the problem with Google Glass is that the company has released a product too early — still a prototype, many mistakes.

Google ignored the request of Vesta to comment. Apple Newton — one of the first handheld computers of Apple. Apple developed and sold the product from 1993 to 1998.

According to the publication Wired, a product designed as a “new generation of computers that could fit in your pocket”. Newton was allowed to take notes, view the calendar and storing contacts. The user can write on its screen with a stylus device dismantled handwritten text.

According to the publication Business Insider, the product is not sold because a system with handwritten text was bad, and cost the device is expensive — in terms of date — $1 178. Everyone thinks that Apple is a machine of success. In fact, and she had failures. For example, the technology of handwriting recognition didnt work as it should.

American motorcycle manufacturer Harley Davidson in 1996 released his own perfume Hot Road with “hints of tobacco”. According to the publication Business Insider, since the 1990s years, the name Harley Davidson has become to produce too many things not related to motorcycles, the brand lost focus on its original Produkte. Representatives of the company Harley Davidson has not responded to the request of Vesta. I hope that visitors to the Museum will understand two things.

Failure is inseparable from success and failures to learn. Send your speakers and case studies about advertising and marketing on [email protected]

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