Learning English For Designers And Developers €? Advice From A Team Of Lingualeo

The list of sources to increase vocabulary, listening exercises and speech practice. English language a developer needs to understand the terminology, working with English-language interfaces, technical documentation reading, studying professional literature, conferences and webinars. And also can be useful for finding work abroad.

Many developers already know many English words to hear them. They generally dont speak the language, but only “fixes”, “debajit”, “Aspet”. However, to fully speak English and use borrowed words in professional slang are totally different things.

Vocabulary for developers, programmers and other it professionals is very diverse. Those who are often referred to simply as “pros”, in fact combine a dozen different specializations. Frontend and backend developers, testers, web designers, productology and many others.

We have collected different sources with basic technical and highly specialized vocabulary, so everyone can choose something for themselves. Textbooks suitable for those who decided to learn the language on their own, because they are methodologically adjusted based on from simple to complex and, as a rule, provide an opportunity to consolidate the material exercises.

The list of the most popular textbooks that can be downloaded for free in PDF version: Examples of sites with a variety of online simulators:

Not all technical terms are stored at once. Moreover, in each of it there are many osmoticeskih words. Unfortunately, Multitran is not always possible to find a suitable translation. Can help specialized sets of words and dictionaries in the industry sources:

The most effective way vocabulary is “extracting” words of the living context. For example, reading articles on a professional subject and writing out new terms. Such vocabulary is better remembered as associative associated with a context. For reference, you can find many more references to publications about it professionals.

Coursera offers a huge number of high-quality video courses on technical specialties. Do not have to pay for the certificate, you can just free listen to lectures and to improve my English. For example, Data Science from Johns Hopkins University or Applied Data Science with Python from the University of Michigan.

Also vocabulary and ideas to draw from the collection of “TED Technology”, and at the same time to train the skill of listening. In addition to language practice, viewing of video presentations allows you to be abreast of the latest developments from the best technological companies in the world.

A few popular podcasts. Another recommendation is to start watching some series about developers in the original.

You can leave the English subtitles and write unfamiliar words thus increasing your vocabulary. Examples: Without speech practice does not go far. If there is no possibility of real communication in English, we recommend you to use the special forums.

They can not only to practice language but also to ask a question relating to the work. Send columns, corresponding to the requirements of the editorial Board, [email protected]

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