LEGO organized mobile quest for children in the shopping center of Moscow

To participate in the quest you need to go to the store, download to your mobile phone the Goodwin app for iOS or Android and find the special stand with the name of the action. After the scan on the screen there are two characters — a COP from the LEGO City set and one of the characters from LEGO Friends Olivia. The heroes ask the kid to choose your character and prepare him for school. To do this, the student should look for in store special icons-markers with images accessories for school, scan them, and thereby to collect all the necessary.

Digital Manager at LEGO Ksenia Barton explained why the company decided to use this mechanic and how did you choose the characters. We wanted to turn the school preparation in a fun adventure for children and parents together with LEGO. We have selected the most popular on the eve of September 1 of the section in the store — stationery and school clothes, and gave participants the task to find certain items with our labels.

While the boys were running around and scanned the label, helping virtual characters to prepare for school, parents would be able to purchase all. We know that children today are at home with technology, and conventional formats they ceased to be interesting. So we are constantly trying different approaches. The characters were selected from our popular lines of LEGO Friends and LEGO City.

We are looking for bright and contrast types, suitable for both girls and boys, so that every child could choose the one they are more interesting and relevant. Mechanics mobile quest allows you to combine what causes children great interest — history, game on your smartphone, new technologies and exciting search. How clearly we “hit” the target, we can talk at the end of the campaign, but now we get excellent performance engagement.

Creative Director of the Agency Affect Alexander Sopenko told about why it was decided to use the mobile app and what would the command. Ideas for action, which would be recalled that LEGO can be a part of the learning process and gift for children by the beginning of the school year, there were a few. As a result the mobile app was not very expensive solution that allows you to implement augmented reality, which is so like to use in LEGO and go online.

To the creation of the quest we have attracted a platform Goodwin, which specializes in doperalski. And together we were able to run the project in a very short time. The production took only about a month. We can say that the project is experimental.

This year we decided to test in a store, how will innovative mechanics, and to understand how it can be improved and scaled. Therefore, we do not expect supernatural results by the number of members of the quest, but encourage deep involvement of each of them and mounted a live report to get additional coverage online.


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