Lenovo has started advertising the smartphone in Russia about real life heroes Mario

The advertisement demonstrated the brawl Mario with the Princess — hero returns home and tells his lover that he “died” in the game. After that, she yells at him and complains. “Soon November, I have neither coats nor boots, and killed him, Geez” and going to leave the mother. Mario has said he wants to divorce her.

Thus the company wanted to convey the idea of the realism of games when running them on your smartphone. Always wondered what happens after a happy ending in different games. You saved the Princess, killed king Kong, bought a sword, beat everyone in FIFA, and then what. How to live with it.

Thats about it and wanted to tell. Every time you kill in the game, you upset one family computer characters. Play better, let them earn and live happily ever after. Hungry Boys.

ExactlyDigital. Simply Good Production (production).

Source: google.co.uk

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