Letter To The Editor: A Personal Experience Of The Bidding Process For Workspace

The story of the head of the Agency projects its.agency Roman Mitkevich. I recently tried on the role of the client and tried to organize a tender for the website. I bought a SIM card called Michael and signed up for Workspace.

I want to tell you about the nightmare that fell on me after a couple of hours, and he has taught me. I hope this experiment will help the project become better. The slogan Workspace — “building No. 1”.

And this is the best characteristic of the industry. Before a unified platform for tenders for projects in the Internet are simply not there. There were sections with tenders in the “Rating Runet” and CMS Magazine, but there was no sensible system qualification. And now they are developed by Proactivity Group still leads all traffic from these sites to Workspace.

On other sites its worse somewhere an application to participate need to print and send by mail. Non-core sites, such as “Rostender” or Is-zakupki to put in one number wrong and incorrect. In the end we have the only specialized platform where artists can sort and organize a tender, everyone can.

Alternatives Workspace is just not there, so he turned to the aquarium where 11 941 studios and piranha 641 freelancer pounce on each tender. Good or bad. Lets deal.

In October 2016 I created a fake tender to Workspace. I bought a SIM card, came up with his name and brilliant a company name and register with Workspace. Begin to make a tender. I am greeted by the phrase “Attention, all tenders are moderated and checked thoroughly”.

But no one called, not written and not seen in the existence of my company. I click “Publish” and tender is visible to all the performers. Within five hours, from 14:00 to 19:00 on my phone continuously rang.

“Good afternoon, my name is.. I represent a company.. Lets discuss the project.”. At 19:00 calls from managers ended. I open mail, which made for tender and see 64 letters.

Wow, I thought. Wow, I thought again the next day. At exactly 10:00 history repeated itself, so at 15:00 I already turn off the phone.

To remember who and where called, is simply impossible. Open your mail again, the message twice. Begin to sum up the results:

About management, of course, the question is more to web design and web development and level of employees. Summary heres another. Does in reality this service to customers?.

I think not. Personally, I do not distinguish person names, names of studios, the differences between one estimate from another. And, of course, the SIM card (and most of gives your customers a constant cell number) were not suitable for further use. The feeling that took a loan in the metro, long it did not give you the whole day call collectors.

So it feels to the customer on the Workspace. The service has a great feature, it helps customers determine the approximate cost of the project. This really is important because often the client does not really understand how much money it needs on site.

To determine the cost, in the Workspace there is a section “How much website”. You can specify the address of any website, and the service will show similar projects and their costs. Check — point vc.ru. On average, 10 million rubles for a similar project.

Well, maybe. For fun, check how much are the sites of “El Dorado” and the Kremlin. Either vc.ru really so expensive, or the service works not very well. Well, it happens.

Tell for customers (artists know it), where does the open value of the projects. There are industry ratings that rank the company including cost.

For example, “the online store for 300” or “500”. To participate in this ranking, the developer himself points out the value of their projects. Which category want to get such and indicate the value of. Someone lowers to get more calls, someone, on the contrary, overestimates the cost to work with the more expensive clients.

That is, the cost is not taken entirely from the ceiling, but certainly does not help to understand the cost of your project. About six months ago Workspace introduced Pro accounts for companies. The thing. Next to the name of your company appears the die is Pro put you above others in the list, customers see you often, and invite tenders in.

The probability of success more. We bought a Pro account for six months, and the first couple of months the results were really good. We were treated to solid customers with good average cheque. Besides the die Pro bought mostly strong Studio, which compete not only through prices.

But now the situation is practically reduced to the former. Die Pro have very different companies and no longer helps the client to choose a strong Studio. Rather, it helps its owner to catch the eye of the customer.

The main innovation is the function of “Private tender”. The customer chooses a small number of companies in one fork of the cost of the product and communicates only with them.

Web Studio willing to take part in such tenders and are ready to give additional bonuses at the stage of pre-sale. Visual concept, analysis of the current state of the site analyst, a marketing plan and so on. Recommend private tenders to all customers — the nerves and energy will save themselves and the performers.

Now in Workspace, we are involved only in private tenders, although invited, very much in public. While it is possible to make such a conclusion. Agencies from the top and the more premium segment to do on the Workspace is nothing. Work huge.

Id like to have a Workspace all turned out. Now it is the only building in the area of web development, which tries to do something even slightly useful product. If it does not they in the near future no one else will. To agencies to find customers, we recommend you to buy proaccount and only participate in closed tenders.

Do not waste time on open tenders, where the participants can recall except by accident. To clients to find developers, you can create private tenders. And read our guide for customers “How to hold a tender for the development of the site”. We wrote it specially for clients, to avoid being eaten by a pack of ravenous web Studio Workspace.

I hope the service will improve faster than now, and we can help. For example, using the feedback form on the website, where you can write about your wishes. Colleagues from agencies, do it, if not. Im sure the appropriate people from Proactivity Group is ready to hear us and act.

A separate request to the service to do the newsletter Pro accounts about changes to the website, and surveys. For example, as occurs in CMS Magazine. Send columns, corresponding to the requirements of the editorial Board, [email protected]

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